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Mate ... get your eyes tested! And get a clue! He lifts his leg over the challenge. And what do you suppose caused his right leg to suddenly collapse? You must ...
I think the point being made is that the Ref is patently NOT in charge of anything! If two players make any contact, whichever one has the presence of mind to g...
Including the dive? It turns my stomach, whether it's A.Young, Suarez or Bale ... I just can't respect such blatant cheats!
@ Pukaki - Early doors, mate. Are you seriously suggesting that the Scousers, without Suarez, are a stronger team than Utd without Rooney ... for real?
Not sure what the own goal has to do with it? I just thought it was ironic that the poster was indicating Utd was a one-man team, while having the pin-up boy fo...
Lol ... says the 'Pool fan with Suarez as his avatar.
You're clearly too young to remember the George Graham era. While sometimes effective, it wasn't anything like "beautiful football" a lot of the time. I might b...
Arsène has been building for this for a long time - swap out Özil for Fàbregas and you still have a similar shape. Ramsey, Wilshere, and Walcott were always ...
@ Hazard4lyfe - Lol ... thx, mate :) @ Leonardito - What say we just let this one go, eh bud, and move on ..?
Why the f**k u reply to such a sh*t comment, idiot?
No, mate ... I mean Puyol. I'm not saying he can't defend; he CAN when he's not diving, remonstrating with the ref, and trying to get other dudes sent off. Oddl...
Listening to the track behind the Footylight App video. Anyone know who that is, please? It's a bit like Isis or Callisto or Russian Circles ... instrumental po...
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