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Hope they crush the f****r lol
6 years ago
Man city want van the man to replace tevez unless wenger can bring some tallent in and change his mind
Not little bit reallyyyyyyyy pissed , sorry dont mean to take it out on anyone but i can see man utd winning nothing this season
Still first leg dont shoot ur load too soon la liga fans
Get use to it mate coz your team will be in the same boat as soon as morinho leaves and takes ronaldo with him
Midfield sucked when will the glazers give sir alex some cash for a good midfielder?????????????????? still relying on giggs n scholes omg were in trouble, we g...
Arsenal always play well when they go all out attacking, just missing a few good players to make them real contenders coz of a few money greedy players that lef...
Well done Arsenal you gave it your best something to be proud of , if only you didnt play so badly in the away game , i feel arsenal always play better when the...
In the end it will be like always arsenal fans blaming wenger and man utd and man city at the top
Too bad arsenal and liverpool wont be finishing in the top 3 keep fighting for 4th place lads
Like the guy above said SHUT UP & go watch ur boring 2 team league
If city had tevez i think they would have run away with the league thank god they dont (cheerz tevez)
Omg your right he is the best player in the world he scored past wolves .................wtffffffffff i would swap him for van the man any day
Stop watching the english prem league and go watch the boring german league
I cant stop laughing since 1999............ United were losing 1-0 and the Bayern Munich colours had already been tied on the trophy. The UEFA officials, on the...
Thenx mate makes me wanna say hope u win the cl
Yeah they defended well
Good win shame it didnt work out c u in the other cup lol if any 1 is intrested
Arsenal fans are a joke man utd are playing s**t and even their on top of arsenal.....but then again thats all they can do take the piss coz they wont be winnin...
Ohh yeah remind me again how many times chelsea have won the champions league......................................................................................
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