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Bale is a monster! Him and Dzsudzsak at PSV are the most exciting
3 years ago
3-0 blues loss ? Surely I must be dreaming! Hope this isn't their only 3-0 loss this year!
Great match but belgium should have done better to hold on to that win
Brilliant hungary! dzsudzsak is unreal!
I keep waiting to see when rooney will break this awful streak but it just isn't happening! poor england they need zamora desperately
I watched that match. some absolutely brilliant goals. i hope hungary can take that energy to the big matches.
Good game from the belgians .... is dembele back in the lineup or is he still hurt?
Very nice goal!
Disappointing game for scotland but it looks like the czechs crushed them
I'd like to think that this draw was because of the brilliant aaron hughes from fulham :) but man italy needs to get their act together.
Portugal actually played well for a change? hell freezing over?
Also, kamara's miss was heartbreaking
Fulham absolutely should have won this match. piqueonne (sp?) had a great game though
Wow great performance from van der vaart!
Hahah lousy chelsea
Though utd should have won, you can't forget how strong fulham are at home. fulham beat utd 3-0 at the cottage last year. :) im sure utd will be fine
Ahaha hands off, arsenal!
Spurs should beat them at home just fine and move on but they didn't have to do it in such a stressful manor !
Inter are a great team and should see continued success under rafa's control. side note, i loved the mini riot that happened after roma's goal hahah
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