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Lets go Munich
6 years ago
Lets go man u
Wow real is real, they always kill it.
Darn!!!! lets go liverpool, start doing work. Tears r dropping
Saha is a great player, he plays well with you thats why he starts
Because he is a good striker, he did work for AC
Suarez did nothing wrong, calling evra a negreto is the same as being called a south american. It runs in the same name calling boat. Negretto is not offensive,...
Great game liverpool! Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard he can kick the ball 40 yards Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard hes big and hes f****n* hard
Well they wanted to lose this game, very simple
Dort u lost and played a terrible game thus resulting in olympiakos not qualifying, u suck penus
Gervinho is wack, wouldnt have done shiat, Vp and song were missed, chamberlin is like walcott
Arsenal had in some players on the A squad, they were just missing song, vp, wallcot and arteta. All great teams should even have a good B team
Armenia looks allot better than turkey does
Yeah s**t happens
Funny both barca and real loose, the teams tried to end the corruption by loosing a game but they both chose the same day, oops
7 years ago
Bayern needs gekas
You cant stop the colombians,falcao and guarin r to good
Fc porto is winning it, thanks to their colombian and green monster hulk
Papadopoulos is amazing. lets go Schalke
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