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Why is spain getting this much hating? i got to watch the game without having a favourite. and spain beat mine (croatia), in fact i was expecting portugal to wi...
5 years ago
That coming from a milan and manu fan. has italy scored? has england? non of the quarter final teams has scored a notable amount of goals except germany. greece...
Haha come reply on my comment ! Bayern VS Chelsea.. are u there ? or your tiny ass had been smashed by some1 ? LOL
6 years ago
Someone should take away the caps lock button from you, and then the following buttons: L, O. and than smash the keyboard to your head.
Bizzare game. but loved it.
Doesn't seem to be a smart move not to put dzeko on the pitch, for the gunners offered an open, fast paced game with long balls and counter attacks where aguero...
Two things for sure to say about after this game: ivanovic is class and torres is cursed!
As much as i'd give it to chelsea, i'm afraid he's right and chelsea will get battered if they play at last night level. barca players go to the ground very qu...
I will go for chelsea in the next round but their game must improve highly if they want to reach the finals. they weren't aggressive or passionate, just quite l...
Thats no excuse. why would anyone save energy in a CL quarter finals??? pointless argument. i was for chelsea from beginning, but judging by their performance, ...
Why is everybody acting as if the title was sure after tonight, when there are 7 more games to play and all utd has do do is play ONE of those games tied to mak...
Yeah i totaly was wondering too. like, dalgish looked like the waterboy. i mean he doesn't look like has a clue on what is happening to/with his
Man city is gonna buy cisse now i guess
Definetly. mancini should bring him more often. he shined the first half of the season and before injury, but well...
Hope he gets fired. he made so many awkwad deciscions...
Good job ivanovic, glad for torres.
I thought the game wasn't boring at all.
Careful fanboy. as much as i'd give it to chelsea....they're only 1 goal ahead.
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