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Wait didnt u hear, sergi busquet got best female actress for her peek a boo act. Wow whats next the grammies.
6 years ago
Ronado can easily be the best player in the world if he keeps these assists and translates those penalties into long strikes and breakaways and some freekicks.
I mean u can tell Portugal were gonna lose when Rolando started the game
Hey obama how is the united states doing? right your in debt so dont talk about futball. Really portugal suck defensivly without pepe and countroa. once we get ...
Wait wait, who was that guy wearing number 7 and ronaldo on his back. Is that messi? cuz thats messi vision. LOL
I love Ronaldos celebration he tells benzema, ozil, and kaka to come over. The greatest play ive ever seen in my life. Hala Madrid
Yah he should take the penalties but i dont care id rather score 15 gols then 80 penalties. Very upset he dived on the breakaway, got the penalty, and he took h...
Hey peoples stop saying messi is not a marodonna cuz hhe is. Hes better than marodonna while Ronaldo is like a usiavio or figo and hes better than them. Messi a...
Ronaldo ur my favorite player but stop being a bi**ch and play the game all u do on evry free kick is hit the wall and claim for handball be who u were at man u...
Barca still great but messi taking a dive cmon barca fans admit it i admit ronaldo dives
All city need is tevez in form and they have a dwight york and andy cole partnership with aguero and tevez. Tevez is still amazing!
Hey madrista ur a bitch u stole my pic i was the first one to have it
I used to think aguero was overated but know i see it all. He scored 6 gols in the epl in wat 3 games thats world class. hes one of my favorite players
Buddy barca do not have the better team
Sure ronaldo dives more than messi but messi dos dive too ronaldo just wants to score free kicks something messi cant
Evryone be quiet just be happy we r living in the era of messi and ronaldo u know pele and marodonna or no longer the best or fat ronaldo it all bout messi and ...
Kafka u piss me off. All u really piss me off. Ronaldo is the best player in the world so is messi. If I were any of u id just take that as a human being and be...
Wow all i kind say is arsenal im sorry. Isnt is wierd though rooneys first goal was simular to his second and young's 2nd was almost a duplicate of the first. N...
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