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Hahaha david!
3 days ago
Holy cow falcaos vision
Fck off still no yellow?
We might aswell not tackle at all.../
If it was the faintest of touches and we needed the replay to see it how could a linesman possibly see it?
How the eff is liverpool not getting yellows?
If lvg doesnt take him off 2nd half i'll be more worried.. his height isnt needed in this game,rather play a smaller and faster player that atleast has a good t...
Ffs afro is slowing our attack so bad
Fellaini needs to come off,slow and doesnt look like he gives a crap..herrera on
I find this game pace would suite falcao more than rvp
Wow valencia im impressed
Already has a yellow afroman
Why is herrera always on the bench? =/
Both mid and defense need bolstering imo. fletcher is already way outta his game,carrick may still have 1 or 2 good years in him left but we'll see his speed sl...
6 days ago
I'd rather not be in the CL than being in it and have under dogs from europe embarrass us.
1 week ago
If i was reus i'd rather choose chelsea's treatment table
Why be in the champions league when you aren't any competition for your only english club that deserves some praise is chelsea
I like what you're having..i think moyes is doing fine at real sociedad
Ref is an idiot..
Fcking shocking
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