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Fred hasn't actually signed a contract yet.
2 weeks ago
Fellaini will be a free agent if he doesn't sign a contract for anyone lol
I want us to stay clear of arnautovic..what happened to our standards? If we want a backup ST why don't we just play martial there instead of rotting him on the...
3 weeks ago
Haha if I were Wenger I'd stay clear of Madrid, their fans are not tolerant of failure compared to goobers.
Is there an option to buy players on loan if the player themselves want to join that particular club?
My guess as to why mou would want him is because since fellaini is leaving,mou wants a plan B,which is a tall back up who can score from crosses. I don't unders...
Lol they can f**k off, I'd rather have chicharito back than arnautovic..who do they think he is, star striker? He's only a backup for us.
Liverpool had control of the game until the injury,it was just a matter of if they could score with an opportunity. Unfortunately the injury killed the morale o...
Do people not see salah also holding onto ramos's arm? if he did not hook onto his arm ramos would not drag him down with him. seriously, it's like just sentenc...
4 weeks ago
Noone can deny, football has gone soft now...
Geez don't over react,his arm is not bloody many players have had their legs broken,don't be a softy.
Am i seeing things or do I see two clowns performing before the CL?
I can assure you the board is not happy with us just "competing for the CL title" even if I don't work at the back with them. common sense as a man utd fan, tel...
Our standards have dropped tremendously, thats why. in fergies time we'd consistently finish 3rd minimum. we always argue "well it took fergie years to get utd ...
I don't care who we sign, it can be ronaldo,bale,griezmann,savic,fred, if we play the same s**t football we will not progress. This season is up to mou to adjus...
1 month ago
William is quality mate,you say by bring in a player who can't make it into the starting lineup of a struggling 5th place side... would you say the same about m...
1.Get rid of Sanchez I'm if he doesn't play on the rest,he has no impact on the left,why has he still been in that position? 2.We bought lindelof because he can...
Hate to say sack the manager,but you're right.. even with Messi we wouldn't win.. We have a very talented squad but he still can't utilize the team.
This was probably the most boring fa cup I've ever released from hospital and still woke up to watch this trash
Theres alot of offloading needed next season..
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