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^really? this is just from this season,half these chances which our team can hardly pull off..he's no ronaldo or messi,but he can get the job done. not saying h...
10 hours ago
^^ lol yeah..pretty sure he'd be much safer in manchester from a break in than a terrorist attack
12 hours ago
Yay for griezmann! but would be difficult to get him..not even sure if lvg would be interested in him either =/
I thinking loaning out ANY attacking player was a big mistake..we needed all the backup ever since ADM left, tbh ADM leaving took a big hit on us,he was inconsi...
15 hours ago
Yeah our team is good,but attack and injuries is the only issue atm. still looks like the team need to know each other more aswell,very static at points.
Good,i hope we get drawn against barca or bayern if we progress
3 days ago
I rather watch barca games,our football is so hard to watch..
Lvg only wants 1goal more than opposition remember
My god lingard needs to finish his shots off...missed too many chances past few games
Even leceister city are 9goals ahead of us lol
1 week ago
Which is what separates fergie from the rest,he can influence his players on and off the pitch.
3 weeks ago
Being 4th place atm means NOTHING,we are only 1,4 and 5points off from closest the rate we are playing we can easily lose our position,i don't even se...
4 weeks ago
None of our players are suiting his play..our players are not being able to play with the abilities they have,all are restricted to safe play rather than risk t...
Martial can play striker? i think thats why we bought him? we also had young free for selection who made the biggest difference when coming on,why no have him i...
Lvg needs to sort this s**t out no more excuses with luck, our attack is so poor even a championship team can defend against us no problems..hes got time to imp...
So lvg decided to put martial up front and rooney on left because he realized we need pace as a striker...durrrrr
When we have many chances but dont finish,i start to be afraid its going to be one of those games the other team will just score somehow and win it..
Im hoping palace run out of steam,but thats quite difficult considering our players did 120mins or so earlier this week
Getting hammered by could we survive in CL lol
Darmian has been soooooo poor already...
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