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You serious? jones out? we'd be down more than 2 goals against swansea if it weren't for him
3 days ago
Man in our position,i'd want di maria at any cost..have you seen how he played against bayern? better than ronaldo.. have you seen our midfielders play? absolut...
4 days ago
Problem is even with money,who will want to come and help rebuild united? players these days only want the wages,game time and champions league.
1 week ago
Does anyone really think we can be successful with 3 defenders at the back? come on..swansea broke through easily,imagine what any of the top could do. this is ...
Young was horrible,januzaj played better..hes going through the same phase as ronaldo,selfish with the ball and not really thinking. i'd pick nani over young,we...
Ffs im sick of all these long balls and pointless crosses from left wing to right wing..
Vidal and Di Maria/Coadrado on the left wing..we are either playing long balls or using the wings ineffectively. if we want to use the wings,we needs wingers wh...
Chicha won't break the defense tbh..swans are solid at the back and he's marked off in the box.
Oh great another injury
He obviously doesn't know loui's stats lol...
Im more noisy watching it at home live!!
2 weeks ago
We have definitely improved from last season,but we still are lacking depth as you say. defense and mid need other words we need a leader in defe...
HAHAHA and they cheer now after he scores
Team is rubbish after the 4 changes
Omfg what a waste rooney!!!
Which is why we make space..hate to say it,but we are more effective playing tika taka..we've done it a few times against valencia and workked better
Oh why are we playing so many long balls..
Lol what a twist in the end
And i heard lvg wants to axe rafael too...
Didn't care if it was a friendly or not,i wanted us to beat all our pre season opponents and we did just that. if you're losing all your pre season games then y...
3 weeks ago
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