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You kidding me right? we'd be worse right now without pogba. it's our damn players not finishing their damn shots,example today,,opportunity to ta...
1 week ago
If only he could use his bloody left foot..still predictable as ever..just keep holding him until he cuts to his right again..
3 weeks ago
Our defense is s**t,why was rashford left to defend ox in the first place?
Football=money money=politics
If liverpool win the title this season we'll be hearing it for decades until they win the next please,City or Chelsea,don't give up,lol
1 month ago
If your million dollar players aren't finishing chances against bottom table teams you should be worried...all our rivals have been scoring 4 goals,I dont care ...
Most expensive wages in the league aswell,no excuses mate..we don't care how fancy we play,if its not a win then its not a positive for us.
Yeah if only he was two footed,mata could curve it in with his right foot
Loves pogba though? Lol
Wow glory hunter much...pogbas job is to create goals,not score them..ibra wasted a perfect cross.
Was no assist,was a fluffed shitty as s**t shot
2 months ago
Liverpool have been diving down the table for years,they've only just got up.
Everything in this years fifa is better than others minus the easy injuries..herrera tripped over and now he's out with a broken ankle for 6 months lol,wtf?? bu...
The team that signed the best winger from spain would be arsenal,sanchez by far the best.
Mad because can't buy
Hahaha low blow
Ur kidding me right? Look at the damn team zidane has when he took over,didnt need to buy anyone because thats how good the team is already. Their bench is stro...
Mkhhityran needs to come off,sorry but he has been garbage...can't have garbage in such an important game...
3 months ago
11:30pm for me yusss
Lineup too young tbh. Only one able to control the game would be pogba
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