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He's moving to liverpool now
1 week ago
And i dont understand why players would goto madrid, yes they are a huge club,but with SO MANY stars on the team how often do you then you'll be on the starting...
Regardless of how much they got thrashed,brazil fans still showed respect to germany
We aren't gonna sign either of them lol
I guess Villa need a player to dive for them,keen for the switch
Im a big supporter of nike,adidas boots are so hideous to look at
Ok i think we need to buy klose and shurlle lolz
2 weeks ago
Far neuer is a tank!
Even WITH neymar they wouldn't be able to stop this german side
Stan182 just became a Fan of Germany
bye bye brazil
Brazil dont stand a chance even with their diving tactics,look at germany's passing.
If anyone needs to stream CL finals!
1 month ago
He needs to hang up his boots imo,we need fresh defenders, maybe he could play for united reserves lol
2 months ago
3 months ago
Better luck next time...didn't do too bad against german champions
Game over,but tell you what..moyes better step his s**t up now,we are out in all competitions except the epl and it is NOT impossible to get back into top 4. Ar...
Bring on chicha!!
Omg what was that...
If we can score 1-2 goals they will be in trouble. positives of starting at home 1st leg,they only scored 1 away.
Rooney+Tevez Ronaldo+Sagna
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Moyes looks like hes constipated. I'll do more later when I finish work tonight
Stan182 updated his profile
4 months ago
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