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If we wanted a goal poacher/finisher we already have rvp..both rvp and falcao are struggling.. chicha is also a poacher and finisher,not much the same finishing...
They can take falcao,he just ISN'T working for us..we need to drop the falcao project completely and sign someone else.His results are very disappointing
Congrats on the title guys,you were lucky michael callot couldn't play for us :P
2 days ago
I dont know why people are hating on mou,we've grinded out 1-0 wins,2-1 wins by luck this season and we've said "aslong as we win and get 3points who cares how ...
3 days ago
Ahahaha..michael carrot
Agree,except cdm,cb,rb AND a striker..cant rely on one striker hes bound to have injuries or something. and if any extra cash go for a winger..but atm the forma...
I knew hazard was going to be the goal scorer for them. i just hope we get rojo and blind back for our next game alongside carrick. we really need to find a rep...
Well 1 goal conceded is not a bad result considering our best formation couldnt be used. we can clearly see there needs to be big changes next season as our cu...
Herrera drop back and adm switch into RW with rooney in attack
He cant even make successful simple passes..hes a lost cause,i wouldnt want him even on a free transfer..our game is so ineffective when we have him up front an...
Falcao is s**t,he needs to go man..cant even pick a proper pass the whole game
Ahhh herrera why shoot..mata was making the perfect run,noone marking
Far i thought that was a goal
I hope NONE of our players come off injured before half time,its such a waste of time and substitutes when that happens. I'd rather have rojo or jones playing i...
I'd put herrera instead of henderson..
4 days ago
Klopp is a good manager,but no thanks i rather keep lvg..lvg has authority,klopp is too way he'd have the balls like lvg to bench star players whenever...
6 days ago
Valencia still has problems reading his passes haha
1 week ago
Lol the man city reject talking big..wonder what hes thinking now?
Rojo,adm and falcao in
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