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Lol he's not that great...he loses the ball a hella lot and would get destroyed in epl..he tries to dribble past 3-4 people instead passing..
Lol de ligt overweight?? the boy is slim...if he was overweight,or was going to be overweight, then wtf is lukaku???O.o
1 day ago
Get rid of ALL players that are holding us ransom for extreme wages,and get rid of overpaid players that aren't performing. As much as de gea has helped us for ...
Club made a lot of bad decisions since fergie left and this is the biggest mistake ever..ole COULD do well,but already sacking 3 managers in 6 years and not pro...
6 days ago
At this rate i wouldn't even come to man utd for big $$$..
Lol seriously cr7? That boat has sailed years ago..last season was our last chance to get him but Juventus got him.
He'd be a good squad player,we still need a better winger tbh.
1 week ago
Players working to star player status is what we need..definitely not bale nonsense..although just purchasing 1 star player wouldn't hurt if we confirm these yo...
Props to klopp, he never signed super star players. He bought decent or good players but made it work as a "team"..while we constantly try signing these big nam...
Definitely deserves manager of the season. Will be a close finals,but hate to say it,liverpool may win it.
The dof can make football decisions,whether it is signing of players,managers,coaches etc and who is making ours right now? Woodward. Managing the squad is 100%...
This club needs a complete remodel..there is no backbone whatsoever..could care less if run by billionaires or millionaires..but at least have people that know ...
This is our 4th manager and we have now reset and gone back to where we were right at the start when fergie left which is very poor from the club. The pressure ...
3 weeks ago
We are overpaying for average players,but aren't willing to pay the extra 20-30mil on a top player which their club won't sell for. That's the difference..take ...
Lol we cant even pressure for 10mins,dont even talk about 45mins
I'm f*****g done with this club,there has been no direction since fergie left and since then all we have done is mock our rivals by calling them trophyless,dust...
Ffs young is s**t
1 month ago
Man city will win it again i reckon,how the dispatched of chelsea with ease was incredible
3 months ago
Heard his contract was extended for another year..
Lol burnley scored..
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