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Would have rather kept rafael and just sell money hugging di maria
Come on,fergie got us into the CL AND won the PL title before he retired with a s**t squad compared to what we have RIGHT NOW. I could not imagine what we could...
3 days ago
Oh god...if we had won against psg fans would think we'd be gunning for top1 or 2 spot..since the loss we now are no longer CL contenders,no longer capable of r...
I agree,very wasteful as usual.
4 days ago
Good thing adm is leaving,he never deserved the #7,don't know why he was given it..maybe to use it as leverage to sign him last season. rather have it vacant fo...
Di maria who?
1 week ago
Stan182 updated his profile
I wouldn't worry too much about that bro,every bs paper is going to be making up all kinds of crap for clicks. Woodward isn't that stupid to sell adm for that l...
We appreciate your 'effort' in posting news,but come on,we all can search these things up ourselves..
CB positions are still very poor imo,needs a stronger leader. Wings are fine without ADM,Depay is naturally a LW.
If i am not correct he was asked to stop or ease down like 2 weeks ago on the constant posting on our page
If anything falcao should be thanking us for agreeing to pay him 265grand a week..and for what? 4 measly goals..
He's learning from valencia xD
2 weeks ago
"You mean how is also can play in any position in the attacking line?" does not make sense mate..
=____= that CB statement was for our defensive weakness.... Ferdinand,Vidic,both were leaders who organized our back line..which is why i said we are missing th...
Dont understand your sentence
Imo,ronaldo will fail in ST position unless he has someone who can deliver the ball to him.. we are still missing that key CB leader thats why.
You can still gain fitness playing in your OWN position..i see no point experimenting so much,we've bought players because we were weak in those areas,why are w...
Whats the point in experimenting how depay does in cam when hes a machine in lw? just play where players are best suited
Wait till you see mephis next to di maria
Commentator is correct aswell, only ones that go into the box is rooney,mata and depay. in occasions schneiderlin, but carrick will never go a few yards beyond ...
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