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Pretty stupid imo...if you don't want to spend that 77pounds on a ticket then don't buy it..they could have still protested by all not buying a ticket at all an...
4 days ago
Remember the last time we laughed at them? Our form went to s**t
1 week ago
You know what the board is doing? Nothing..only thing they are doing is taking money from the fans and that's all they actually care about, putting money in the...
Wasn't expecting anyone to come man,will have to wait for next season for any proper signings.
Stoke are in bad form,hopefully we can take advantage of that
Lets just buy messi
2 weeks ago
United haven't been.exciting to watch since saf left..big mistake was getting rid of staff,thats when our football became bland
Lol yaldho,don't even think about winning the league,even top4 is difficult
I don't think anyone wants to play lvg's style..he prob says no to everything
If i was pereira i would leave too! who would sit around waiting for a chance to play even when the 1st team is doing so s**t? we have so much talent yet ones o...
Bringing in giggs may or may not help at all,just like neville is doing..great players,but not great at managing. if we can't get pep,go for mou. but i do reck...
Now lets see how long smalling lasts...he look damn tired on the pitch today but still kept trying,but i doubt he will be injury free playing every game.
The rat had more game time than memphis today..hahaha
Pretty sure hes only getting round 70k a week,peanuts compared to rooney...he hasnt been the high prospect we thought he'd be before joining but i've got his ba...
Lol he didnt do much bro...tbh who cant score against us atm? apart from liverpool
If pep indeed is coming end of the season then i dont mind lvg sticking for remaining season,i just wont watch us live anymore till then lol
Ffs atleast switch lingard with memphis...
Remember those days when we used to score 4-5 goals a game?
Hope is what we been looking for the whole season.
Lol wow martials long shots are terrible.
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