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I reckon expectations were way too high for memphis, i mean come on, he took the number7..he must have no idea what legends have worn that number previously.
1 week ago
Exactly,club wise, nobody knew who he was. but if you follow brazil internation you'd have some idea.
Hahaha ok,shall we compare him to rashford then? and im comparing him because everyone his hyping him up, ronaldinho rating him as the best after messi. martial...
Overhyped tbh...i'd pick martial over jesus any day,even if martial is abit older.
Lol if it happened against yous you would be screaming handball!! dont lie. doesnt matter intentional or not,a it still hit the hand.
Physical presence??? If mata can survive in the epl then im sure as hell sure griezmann could. Plus size dont mean jack,its the brain that matters.
2 weeks ago
Sounds like us too lol
Yeah it's ridiculous,if we'd scored atleast one goal or an extra one in those games we'd be up there with Chelsea
So top teams dropped points yet we waste opportunity to get closer in points. This is pathetic,money spent but no improvement in position.Scoring 33 goals only...
3 weeks ago
Griezmann all the way,just play him as secondary striker behind ibra,pogba can still play in his normal role.
1 month ago
Wow what a miss! as well
Id blame mata more than fellaini..easy tap in for him but skies it. gave the ball away constantly as well.
His left footed crosses are actually better than his right foot lol..
Myk has been our best player apart from the high shot,what you on about? perfect ball in for ibra but god know why he decided to pass to someone instead of slo...
Lol that was a lucky as save,had no idea it was coming
What in the hell are our forwards doing? are they trying to throw the game away? just smash the ball into the back of the net ibra ffs
You kidding me right
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