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Just go for vidal damnit,i don't know any other midfielder whose is as complete as him..don't even touch strootman,epl is far more physical and looking at how f...
5 days ago
Everyone loves united,haters refuse to agree
Be realistic,when fergie was in charge,we'd always be optimistic about winning,and almost certain we'd win,and was just a matter of how many we score. now think...
1 week ago
Southampton game was torture to watch
The name Di Maria and Falcao alone should be scaring championship teams..yet we struggle against them. it's great to be optimistic,but not when your team is pla...
Herrera finally got some playing time..for 30seconds
2 weeks ago
Come on guys,his left foot is handicapped remember
Lol that skill by fellaini
You kidding me falcao...easiest tap in you could ask for
Same formation but fellaini in,point in that? long balls yay!
And way too weak to even be a striker..
I actually want lvg out...i dont care if we lose or draw when we play good footy like in fergie era,but now we are playing some new kind of s**t which i dont th...
Nah hes gonna put jones as striker and sub falcao in for smalling
De gea is going to gap to madrid if we keep playing this formation
Barton is such a dirty c**t,how is he still playing footy?
This game is too hard to many good players on the squad yet we play like a championship side..i dont get lvg tactics and formation
Our passing is so rubbish! playing like pre schoolers
Stephanie robadutch
Robbing Van Persie
Smalling is also not a midfielder
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