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TBH,no way we can beat Spurs,they are in top form and city are probably only ones to compete against them. Without pogba it will be very difficult
3 hours ago
Imagine we played real madrid..we would get tortured,because they would actually finish their chances
1 week ago
It has gone forward,just to nobody haha..
All we been doing is hoofing the bull forward hoping for lukaku to pick it
Switch young with rashford imo,pretty much short of one rw because he pulls too deep back in defense and the wing is empty with just lukaku taking the space..
Mainly pogba,noone in mid to start the attack
Why aren't they allowed to play in la liga??
3 weeks ago
We will be fine so as long we outscore the opposition. I'll be more comfortable with bailey back,valencia was besst although none of our defense was really test...
Griezmann is a great player,if he played for us he would perform better just like how lukaku is doing. atletico are an average club,they wouldn't get into the t...
Herrera will never see the starting lineup again lol
1 month ago
Lukaka should have passed it rather than shoot,there were 2 of our players in the middle at least that had a better angle to shoot. we are missing pogba and i a...
No offense but madrid would slaughter any team in the premier league,so no need to match madrid with stoke.
Actual transfer cost for neymar: 90mil to barca 110mil to UEFA lol
Bayern can afford him,but don't want to risk paying a huge sum for him as they will want to see how well he does. Could also mean madrid waiting to buy a player...
We wouldn't lose martial if we got sanchez cos sanchez can play on the right
I reckon out of the top sides this season Liverpool will be the most difficult to play against. Not worried about city at all,arsenal will be no threat,whole cl...
Nah not what we need..he's like a buffer version of lingard,lol
Im glad we thrashed westham and swansea,they've been a thorn in our backside in past fixtures.
2 months ago
His first touch is average,but in football as a striker,all that matters is you score the goals. if you got a perfect first touch but can't finish to save your ...
Lol that was rubbish,should have tried slot it bottom left atleast
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