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Just because we have 200mil to spend lol...don't be mad Liverpool might have some money to spend but no one to attract except Southampton players.
1 week ago
Lol at the handball....dude,herrera was at the halfway line,still lots to do from there regardless..your defenders switched off and herrera played a perfect thr...
Isn't rooney at 300k??
2 weeks ago
If only we had roy keane
3 weeks ago
Bro we should have been putting bets on us to draw all season,we'd be getting the monies
Seriously,what is the point of even being in CL with the squad and way we play?? To buy players or for the sake of not getting made fun of for not being in it? ...
We need another striker,not just relying on ibra alone. I personally would love to have griezmann if possible,to play along ibra. As good as ibra is,he has no p...
4 weeks ago
More like vidic? he's no where near vidic! even jones is more vidic than smalling,atleast jones puts his whole body to stop a ball
1 month ago
Herrera only misses one game, straight red is 2 games
Wow hazard has been a girl the whole game
Still not convinced we don't need griezmann? Watch his finishing in his previous match complete class first touch
Wow whats with their players dieing every minute
Are you kidding me ibra
Don't care how much money a manager spends,can be $0 or 200mil,we need to win something especially since Ferguson left. Nothing is the same since he left so eve...
2 months ago
Well atleast we won something this season lol...
I reckon expectations were way too high for memphis, i mean come on, he took the number7..he must have no idea what legends have worn that number previously.
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