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Im glad we thrashed westham and swansea,they've been a thorn in our backside in past fixtures.
His first touch is average,but in football as a striker,all that matters is you score the goals. if you got a perfect first touch but can't finish to save your ...
1 day ago
Lol that was rubbish,should have tried slot it bottom left atleast
2 days ago
Play martial
RM will come on top again next season,even without ronaldo they have depth in most positions.
4 days ago
Are you guys watching this?? lol
4 weeks ago
Hahahah fellaini is so bad
Dont understand why we still have fellaini
We aren't getting him,its just an attempt to sell papers since mu transfers have been so quiet.
1 month ago
I don't even want bakayoko,I want fabinho and naingollan even if hes 29
Doesn't matter who we bid for,we'll be charged heaps.
What if mu signs lukaku and chelsea end up signing morata?
Anyone that picks lukaku over morata is blind..backing lukaku to win against mid table teams for us but not top teams? I back morata to do the job against top a...
No one in the squad atm is at the level of any previous #7s!
Thats not the issue,we've made no other signings in midfield or lb positions
2 months ago
I would take ronaldo back in a heart beat. 32 and still dominating games,his vision,speed and power is way better than his time at united..his left foot is almo...
Why in the hell would he go to a shitty french league? Just to piss all over everyone? Ronaldo has standards and it doesn't matter how old he is,he goes for a c...
Man I would pay hard money for both mbappe and dembele,both are beast and so quick. We already know we lack pace and delivery on the wings especially rw,stick d...
Lukaku aint getting hate,he has 0 experience outside the PL,and if im not correct he was absolute s**t against us..we need a player to score goals outside engla...
Did u guys see Phil Neville's stepovers haha..commentator was like "slower version of ronaldo"
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