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Hitler is overused for everything..
1 day ago
I predict liverpool will win the league
2 days ago
Oh well,we can call him 40sec Slippy G now
4 days ago
Thought it was 32 seconds?
Go check the liverpool forum mate,they are already blaming the ref and defending slippy g's stamp
Both skrtel and gerrard need to be punished with the deliberate stomp on the feet.
I agree,his passing is probably no better than valencia..quite a shame with his talent,imagine how good he'd be if he had the same mentality as mata
Lol balo is like a wild dog,needs fans to control him
Comeon balo,go get another yellow card u useless player
Omfg ,mata is fckn amazing
Jones and blind have been our weakest link
Bring on adm for young,hes been too quiet this game.
Yea gerrard fck off outta here
Our marking is so s**t,always double marking and leaving a man free in the box
I love u mata!
If de gea wants the money and disloyal booing fans,then he'll go to madrid. if he wants the challenge and respect from players and fans,he'll stay
1 week ago
Would pick mata over adm in RM position any day of the week.
Felli off,januzaj or falcao on
Why did lvg change tactics..looks like we are settling with just the 3 goals..we are giving spurs too much time with the ball
Mata has been great...bigger difference having him on the right than adm..mata has been taking control on that side with good ball control and passing,great syn...
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