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Alves is officially leaving :-(
4 months ago
Don't need him here.. give me Modric instead
Yup! "Next season season is season!"
^ he has all the right in the world, given that he's won La liga 6x more than Ronaldo..
I logged in at work to come and say just this. No one say a f*****g thing.
5 months ago
Pogba/Verratti would be my next big signing.. I just worry about how much they would cost us. Allegri recently said if he had to choose between $100m offer and ...
It's the stupid international breaks.. Can you guys imagine what football is going to look like during WC 2022? When it's in the middle of the f*****g season.
To win CL, you need a bit of luck imo and unfortunately, all that luck seems to go Madrid's way. Even with La Liga and CDR, it will feel like a disappointing s...
And then there are those who say our players have gotten complacent and lost motivation to win titles/games because they have won so much. There was a picture ...
What a joke.
But you guys beat us though.. so problem solved.. ;'D
Notice the kick back? "Absolutely brilliant c**t Combo: a kick out, a headbutt, and a dive in the space of three seconds." -reddit lmao "Marcelo saw Suarez's ...
Fatigue may have played a role but we lost because of the system we used this time around. We had no RW. Messi was central and Suarez didn't balance the wings b...
6 months ago
We need 15 from 21. We have the league in the bag
This comment is just as ignorant as the fools responsible for the terror attacks.
5 yellows for him. That means he's suspended.. Surprised there hasn't been a big fuss made of it.
I don't know if there's anything for South America but I hope Messi, Neymar and Suarez all have hair injuries that they gotta take a precaution for. I hate the...
SA. He's good enough to start over anyone in our mf. Anyone but busi of course. And he's young. He's an incredible talent and if I had the choice between him a...
I think dybala is the only semi-realistic one out of the bunch and that's only because he expressed interest in Messi and barca. We have the best trio in the...
Yup! The next 4 weeks will decide if we are going to have a shot at the treble or just La Liga / CDR. Winning El Clasico will be a huge moral boost. And I thin...
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