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That's pretty awesome!
21 hours ago
^ I guess there's a first time for every thing. That's the first I've heard ANYONE call Ronaldo the greatest of all time lol.. except for Ronaldo saying it abo...
1 day ago
We should have bought Diaby too while we were at it! to keep Vermaelen company of course.
Yup! score a lot of goals and concede a mediocre one to wrap up the game
2 days ago
We need a RB that will stay back and will allow Alba to roam forward instead of Alves. That will help Pique a little bit.. He was awful for that goal. No aggres...
Great feeling Manutdonelove :p
17 appearances 14 goals 12 assists. he's been 'average'
QUICK SELL PIQUE PLEEEEEEEEEASE! Alves and Pique non-existent
Incredible game to watch.. especially in the second half. I oh so wished Di Maria scored that goal! congrats nonetheless! well deserved.
Great picture
Lmao that was hilarious!
1 week ago
@Danny I beg to differ. May be I went too far when I said he's average but he was definitely overrated at Madrid. And he has been disappointing at Arsenal. Eve...
Ozil was overrated. He was only 'good' because he was in Madrid. He was lazy, terrible work rates for a professional footballer, not versatile, not a goal sco...
That's awesome! I went to a Chile vs. Brazil friendly in Toronto a year or two ago. It was incredible to see Neymar and Sanchez play live. You'll definitely hav...
Bravo Alves Bartra Mathieu Alba Iniesta Masch Rakitic Messi Suarez Neymar MAKE IT HAPPEN FFS!!!
Exactly Malik. Rmr the arm/elbow incident? He was back the next week
2 weeks ago
Sorry Badge! Just having some humour. Can't watch the games so I'm just here at work, browing away
@Nic Friendly reminder incase you forgot what it's like to play in the competition.
1-1.. And they are in the Champions League.
Lol it's just banter lads.. taka it easy. We all know Ronaldo never dives
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