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For La Liga?
2 days ago
@Alfrodo I think you're overreacting just a tiny bit. What surprised me was that Alba wasn't chosen to start and Pique was. Busq had a bad game. We should hav...
4 days ago
Probably the best I've seen Madrid play against us in a long time. And it was probably the most deserved win against us in a long time as well. Clearly better t...
To be fair, only Messi's foul wasn't deserved of a yellow card. But Kroos and Modric should have also been booked based on the standard the ref has set.
5 days ago
Should be 2-0 and game over.
That was a clear penalty. Pique is a dumbass and has been bad so far..
I moved to a different province in Canada and I woke up thinking I missed the game and had a panic attack. Thankfully, I haven't changed my watch's timezone yet
IMO the game will be decided in the first 25 minutes.
I'm literally on the toilet though and I'm quite literally losing my s**t. Too much info? Who cares!!! We have one of the best line ups in recent memory. Neyma...
Holy s**t.. holy s**t. ..HOLY s**t!!!!!!
ESPN's little fun guide to the clasico
He will beat it by scoring a hat-trick ;)
@Jeroen He's gonna come on in the 90th and provide the assist for Messi's hat-trick in a 3-0 win for Barcelona.
I would personally play: Bravo Alves Mathieu Pique Alba Iniesta Masch Rakitic Pedro Messi Neymar (probably as close to our XI for the game as it will get) subs...
^ Messi scored 5
1 week ago
Https:// Hilarious if true!
Someone's got a little obsession with Barcelona lately.. :p Inferiority complex?
Who will prevail? BBC or Neymar-Suarez-Messi? Who will dominate the midfield? Kroos Modric James or Iniesta Rakitic Busq? Who will shut out the opposition? Ma...
2 weeks ago
I like turtles
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