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Lmao exactly.
1 day ago
Chelsnore is a better zing to it :p
Eh let's not kick him while he's down. 2 goals and 2 assists in a 4-3 is as about as good as it gets imo. SOMEONE had to do it.
Ter Stegen Alves Verminator Pique Alba Rakitic Busq Roberto MSN Messi's first start in 59 days!
3 days ago
Bale was apparently promised that the team would be built around him eventually. I don't know what that means for Ronaldo. This season is going to be a season ...
4 days ago
I don't think he will win it over Messi.. However, Neymar will. For sure. It's scary how good he is at such a young age. He has improved so much and he's playin...
At least under Mou, Madrid had an identity.. now that identity may have up been violent and thug-life football, but an identity nonetheless
Until Uncle Perez comes knocking
5 days ago
Messi and Rakitic named in tomorrow's squad!
1 week ago
I'll take 20-30 minutes of Messi. 20 minutes of Messi is better than 90 minutes of 99% of footballers.
I'd be surprised if Isco doesn't start. He always plays well against us. And Bale at ST? lol
Hey! Csdude14 is my younger brother. him and realfan don't have a paypal account. I pay for their pro membership through mine. It's the same paypal for my accou...
Ronaldo to PSG and Hazard to Madrid CONFIRMED! Trust me, I'm Canadian.
Thanks @Chelsea61 I got my $25 + Realfan's $25 :p Just waiting on brother #3s payout now. There's hope for DF after all!!
2 weeks ago
BWF As a neutral, I enjoyed the movie.. I just didn't like what they Universal did though.. they focused way too much on making Ronaldo a footballing god.. sur...
Nolito is a real possibility. Someone from the club said he might be come back in Jan
Blasphemy! I finished 1st. Jeroen stole my account info. It's okay. I'll starve for another day. I'm pretty sure the homeless guy down the street will let me s...
PayPal balance $0.00 =[ I need my $25.00 + my brothers' pay out. I haven't paid rent or eaten in 4 months.
Watched the 'movie' which was more of a documentary/auto-biography during a very specific time period in Ronaldo's career. Pretty much sums up Ronaldo. A hard ...
Inaki's goal is much harder to perform and is a better goal than Neymar's.. however slightly that might be.
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