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Here's Ronaldo swinging at Crespo: And this is the red card punch/slap:
6 hours ago
Lol you're kidding if you think he will get a 3 match ban. It's Madrid we're talking about. He'll miss all the non-important games.
14 hours ago
Suarez should have played to be honest.. He needs the practice.
21 hours ago
@Hikmat SEVERAL websites, including ESPN stated that he has an 80,000 pound/week wage.
@SA Actually, Madrid are amongst the top 5 when it comes to first team action from their academy. The youngsters may not be in Madrid's starting 11 but Madrid ...
You guys have probably seen a million different version of this but I loved this one:
^ he was cleared of the charges, along with Madrid's own, Benzema.
1 day ago
Http:// A list of over 60 football documentaries. You know, in case you're bored.
2 days ago
I've been really impressed with Pique's decision making this season. Alves has toned down his crossing lately and he's been decent as well. Also, does anyone e...
3 days ago
After Azpi, he's your best defender.. and you wanna sell him lol
@Pedmar No one is denying that Ronaldo is and will be a club legend. What you have to realize is that Messi does not have to leave Barcelona to prove anything...
@Jeroen I bought it to share with the dark side. Lots of tears were shed today, it seems. haha PS: I secretly bought it to..umm... for decoration purposes
Not just Chelsea.. it's Mourinho. There's one El Clasico where Madrid started time wasting from the first minute. It was a league game..
4 days ago
The best dribbler the world has ever seen. 26 minutes of ecstasy!
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