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Https:// Hilarious if true!
11 hours ago
Someone's got a little obsession with Barcelona lately.. :p Inferiority complex?
Who will prevail? BBC or Neymar-Suarez-Messi? Who will dominate the midfield? Kroos Modric James or Iniesta Rakitic Busq? Who will shut out the opposition? Ma...
5 days ago
I like turtles
Give this man a statue!
1 week ago
^ Amen I don't remember the last time Xavi scored from a free kick and if you give me a timeframe, give me for the last 3 he scored or assisted.. Neymar and Me...
2 weeks ago
@SA As you play more, you will definitely get better at the game. It's got a learning curve but it's not as steep as FIFA 14. FIFA 14 was god awful, before and...
You do realize that by 22, Neymar has accomplished for both club and country more than what 90% of footballers do in their careers. No one will ever have the ch...
This FIFA is one of the best ones since FIFA 11 but it needs a bit of tweaking: 1. Fix defensive AI. The defenders are retarded this year 2. Nerf pace 3. Give G...
What were the positives? Besides Messi and Neymar's moment of brilliance, there were no positives to take from that match. Busq, Iniesta, Alves, Rakitic were p...
@Dhockey why is that?
Here's Ronaldo getting taken out for his deserved second penalty: Here's Ronaldo getting brutally fouled and kicking ...
Here's a GIF of the 2nd dive:
Lol @ ur attempt at damage control
Marcelo bielsa could teach our team a thing or two about pressing like the old days..
It was his fault for the 2nd goal but we conceded 2 set piece goals which is still our biggest weakness.
Alves cost us the game but we were not good today by any means.. Rakitic, Busquets, Alves, Iniesta and Alba were caught in possession in our own half multiple t...
3 weeks ago
Jeroen Correct. Bale assisted Ronaldo in some game last season but it wasn't given because Ronaldo dribbled and the dribble is what created the goal apparently
Now add Suarez to that equation and you will get the answer to 1/0
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