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Https:// Messi's agony during the penalty shoot out. You can feel his soul crushing every time Argentina mis...
3 days ago
Https:// good as gone! This also means you guys will gun for someone like Otamendi
5 days ago
Against Chelsea
1 week ago
No way they will pay 60 for Ramos. I can only see Man U getting him in a swap deal + cash for De Gea
These kind of stats boggle mind mind. And Ozil is *nothing* like Iniesta :)
3 weeks ago
@SA nothing wrong with making some sort of exclusive club chat thing.. much like we have the barca tinychat. Since Meebo is long gone, I don't see why this wou...
All I can predict is a busy summer of transfers for Madrid. Expect a HUGE signing + 3-4 reinforcements along the way.
Https:// Documentary coming about Ronaldo !
All of Messi's goals with English commentary: It's amazing to see how many important goals he scored this season.
Lol take it easy there big guy
All 39 Neymar goals with English commentary: Fun fact: Neymar is the first player in history to score in both CL QF, Semi-finals ...
Https:// The speeches from the celebration (Neymar, Messi, Alves , Xavi, Iniesta, Enrique, and a drunken Pique)
It's gotta be said that you guys have generally acted really graciously in defeat this season. Almost all the comments towards Barcelona's treble has been posit...
Dictator Messi: "You wanted three? Here we have the three!" Incredibly bad ass!
That pace tho
4 weeks ago
Ask and you shall receive:
@Lump disagree.. Neymar will EASILY get that 3rd spot because of Copa America. He usually goes beast mode with Brazil.
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