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Varane for president. It's scary how good he is and how much potential he still has at such a young age.
1 day ago
Would u have said the same about Atletico pre Olympiacos?
2 days ago
@jeroen Have u heard of Gerard Bolt Pique?
Anyone else have a weird boner right now?
4 days ago
@pejvl That team looks awful lol..
@Tharius I am not sure what "best performing keeper in the world" means but I can name 3 off the top of my head that are >
Ur best 11: Carvajal Ramos Varane Marcelo Modric Khedira Kroos Bale Linkman Ronaldo Or Back 4 Illara Modric Bale James Ronaldo Linkman
6 days ago
Kiesling is at 48 points for me and I have pretty much had him for every game except for that Friday game when he got 35 points. I think the points are still up...
1 week ago
@MessiDor Barcelona barely won anything? He took Barcelona out of the slump they were in and won the league twice and the Champions League. He also won the Sup...
They play different positions. Ronaldo would be a 95 with those stats if he was a CF/ST
Asasiyun beg to differ. Age is just a number. Brazil with and without Neymar are two completely different teams. He not only shuts his critics time after time,...
Lol theo u don't need pace in midfield (cdm,cm,cam) And ozil/Mata are more than fast enough
2 weeks ago
Your football feel good for the week: Villarreal let 13 year old with Cancer play with them
Http:// Milan's FREE XI
That's a good FIFA Ultimate Team
What?! Kroos would have been a fantastic signing and would fit in our team perfectly.
Just posting to see if there's an update on the Bayer Leverkusen-Friday-game-bug-thing. Any idea on when the patch will take effect?
I'd love for it to go back to the old system. Everything was so nice and simple and clear! But the points will show after 10 games played I think.
Perez's ways of doing business is admirable and our board can learn a thing or two from him. We haven't done too bad in terms of addressing some of our issues....
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