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I think that's called being prejudiced.
1 week ago
I cannot believe that some people actually want us to lose to 'prove a point'. It's okay though. These times weave out the plastic fans =)
This is almost as sick as seeing some Barcelona fans wish Madrid good luck on winning their 10th.
Neymar needs to be more direct and less 'flashy'. He could play the samba style in Brazil because Brazil plays the style that suits him. Instead of wasteful dri...
No motivation. No urgency. No game plan. That's what seems to be the summary of our past few previous games. I do not like how our possession play has changed ...
I just remembered this post.. anyway.. in the past 10 games, Messi has failed to contribute in only 3 of those games. In the other 7, he scored 12 goals and has...
Edit: Wrong account. Sorry.
Stay classy Dagaza.
2 weeks ago
You aren't impressed with his form? He has scored or assisted in almost every game since his return.. lol
Anyone else kind of wish we had lost 4-0 or something along those lines? We were extremely pathetic today. We seemed completely bamboozled and lost in the first...
Sorry but that video made me spit out my water out of laughter.. hahahaha
3 weeks ago
St1or just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
City documentary: pretty cool!
3-5 words? Best Clasico in recent memory.
@Messidor Way to take a remarkable fact and turn it into a pile of garbage.
As an unbiased football fan, anything less than 80m is blasphemy for what Suarez can offer.
A diving .gif of Ronaldo during his United days? I might as well show you a diving .gif of Busquets circa 2008
It really is sad :( There's no player that has gotten from my bad side to my good side as fast as VV did this season. I don't think there's a better replacement...
1 month ago
@Realmanchester and I've seen my fair share of Young, Januzaj, and co. Not sure what one has to do with the other.
@Badge Such sense. Much respect! Wow! In all seriousness, it's people like you that keep me on this site. Much respect
Photoshop can do wonders.
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Bojan nutmeg
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