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Yup. Reports say he is willing to take a pay cut to join Barcelona. His reported transfer fee is 15 million. But reports also say that Barcelona sources deny re...
16 hours ago
@Jraty He will blindly refuse anything bad against Madrid until YOU provide proof. Just look at the series of posts he made in this topic. he went from, "There...
@LGW Exactly.. Spain's financial situation is in dire need of help.
2 days ago
@Asasiyun Out of all the biased gibberish you spoke, I am going to just pick out the CL win. Against Shaktar, you said it best. Against Arsenal, we were the ...
@Asasiyun Agreed on the Modric bit, though I think Di Maria deserves an honourable mention as well. I only put him out of this because PSG will sign him for 10...
I am gonna go ahead and ignore that first post. And to be honest, with the right tactics, any squad has a good shot at beating the better side. i.e. Atletico, d...
Ronaldinho is a free agent. Sign him and play him at CB!!!! In other transfer news, Lazio agree €8,5 million fee with Feyenoord f...
I guess an Iniesta+Masch/Khedira partnership could work in theory. @hikmat I like Modric as much as the next guy but if we were to choose a CM+CDM partnershi...
Haven't seen the original video.. I just thought it was a more credible source of information because it was ESPN. Oh well.
Badge Where would you put him?
That's why I thought Kroos should fit in that CDM'ish spot and play more of a CM ahead of Masch.. but that front 4 don't contribute to defence too much, if at a...
May be old news but: Vidal :" I am not going to Manchester"
ESPNFC did a little bit on Madrid and Barça. They wanted to see what would happen if you would combine Madrid and Barça and get the best XI and they came up w...
Vertonghen just recently signed a 5 year deal with Spurs.. he isn't going anywhere. Reports are now saying that Miranda offered to join Barcelona but Barcelona...
After Monaco refused to sign Valdes, who underwent knee surgery in Germany, will finalize his recovery at Bayern. German club also made him an offer to join the...
3 days ago
Pretty much but 2nd half of the season..
@alexis a 7/10 EVERY TIME? not even Messi has done that lol
5 days ago
Fail rumour of the day that will probably come true: Barcelona are considering to sign Arsenal centre back Thomas Vermaelen (28) this summer. Some optimism ...
6 days ago
@Asasiyun Not a theory at all. It's seen in all the big clubs that are overloaded with big named players.. i.e. Cesc/Sanchez at Barça and soon to be a couple ...
@Moe We can't spend after this window for a while. We got banned remember? And whether players like it or not, they have release clauses, which Barca should be...
1 week ago
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