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I've been away for a while but I just wanted to show you guys a picture of Messi I took after the game:
4 months ago
Alves is officially leaving :-(
1 year ago
Don't need him here.. give me Modric instead
Yup! "Next season season is season!"
^ he has all the right in the world, given that he's won La liga 6x more than Ronaldo..
I logged in at work to come and say just this. No one say a f*****g thing.
Pogba/Verratti would be my next big signing.. I just worry about how much they would cost us. Allegri recently said if he had to choose between $100m offer and ...
It's the stupid international breaks.. Can you guys imagine what football is going to look like during WC 2022? When it's in the middle of the f*****g season.
To win CL, you need a bit of luck imo and unfortunately, all that luck seems to go Madrid's way. Even with La Liga and CDR, it will feel like a disappointing s...
And then there are those who say our players have gotten complacent and lost motivation to win titles/games because they have won so much. There was a picture ...
What a joke.
But you guys beat us though.. so problem solved.. ;'D
Notice the kick back? "Absolutely brilliant c**t Combo: a kick out, a headbutt, and a dive in the space of three seconds." -reddit lmao "Marcelo saw Suarez's ...
Fatigue may have played a role but we lost because of the system we used this time around. We had no RW. Messi was central and Suarez didn't balance the wings b...
We need 15 from 21. We have the league in the bag
This comment is just as ignorant as the fools responsible for the terror attacks.
5 yellows for him. That means he's suspended.. Surprised there hasn't been a big fuss made of it.
I don't know if there's anything for South America but I hope Messi, Neymar and Suarez all have hair injuries that they gotta take a precaution for. I hate the...
SA. He's good enough to start over anyone in our mf. Anyone but busi of course. And he's young. He's an incredible talent and if I had the choice between him a...
I think dybala is the only semi-realistic one out of the bunch and that's only because he expressed interest in Messi and barca. We have the best trio in the...
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