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Otamendi is a destroyer. Incredible strength and pace and decent in the air. He'll be a fantastic signing for you guys!
14 hours ago
I wished for him to stay 1 more season but he's leaving at the right time imo. He'll have a good pay day for the remainder of his career and then get to coachin...
Xavi is gone and it probably hasn't hit me yet, but I am not as sad as I should be =[ What's even worse news in terms of immediate impact on Barcelona is that...
@9Ronaldo9 Bartra won't be able to fill Avles' shoes. He doesn't have the pace or technical ability.
Not sure why Valencia would get rid of him but if you guys get him, it will be a huge signing. He's a monster.
@Real why would you guys want him?
@DaGaza Don't worry I'll link you to the real thing in no time :p
That's all it is! Just a rumour!
1 day ago
Coentrao needs a haircut more than anyone. Looks like he has a wig on
Get ready for a frustrating CL final! Juve are practicing with a 5 ATB formation with Pogba Pirlo Vidal in Midfield and Llorente/Tevez in attack. Ugh it's gon...
Relax people "Bartra's buyout fee hasn't dropped. It's 25M, would become 12M if he plays less than 50 games in 2 seasons, but already played 54." I think it's ...
Lol nvm on Klopp I guess. Benitez is now linked with you guys from relatively reliable sources. It's gonna be a fun transfer window!
2 days ago
@Tomikato He hasn't played it alone but he has played up front with Benzema whenever they have played 4-4-2, where Bale was a RM. He's also played up front wit...
He's had another fantastic season with Napoli but not the striker Arsenal needs. It would be a dumb signing imo.
Hans said it best.. money. Money talks, bs walks! nothing else matters
@Tomikato Ronaldo has basically played the #9 role for majority of this season. He'd be one of the best strikers in the world if he played it consistently.. be...
Just look at where Spanish football is in European competition and look where English football is. Also, keep in mind that all Mourinho managed was 1 league ti...
Some Barca news: - Barça will wear blaugrana in the Champions League final in Berlin - Xavi was offered a 2 year extension + coaching but he thinks now is a g...
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