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Pedro would probably be Mourinho's favourite player. He's the hardest working player in Barcelona.
6 hours ago
What do you suggest we do if Masch or Pique gets injured? And please don't count Vermaelen as one of our players lol.. he's out for the remainder of his contrac...
I'd only sell him if we got AT LEAST 30m for him. We wI'll not be able to replace him and what he does for our club for any less than that.
14 hours ago
@Drak We don't need Hazard.
17 hours ago
@SA to be fair, the barca/messi police is probably faster :p
@Pejvl LMAO. I miss seeing those memes
@Dekk that's the thing though. We WON'T sign hazard/pogba
I'd rather my team win a hard fought and well earned game. But that's just my taste.
I'd rather invest that money into cloning Messi.
Real Madrid has been award the same amount of Penalties in La Liga as Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia combined. They have double as much penalties as t...
1 day ago
@4ever Just look at how many English teams are left in European competitions vs. La Liga teams. And don't forget the can of whoop-ass Atletico gave Chelsea an...
@RealFan That logic is simply profound. I am 100% sure Bale has a better free-kick:goal ration than Ronaldo in the past 2 seasons.
@Andres To add to your second post, what a stupid penalty to concede on Villareal's part. The guy wrestled RONALDO, out of all people, to the ground. Does he n...
@Andres I don't mind Ronaldo getting the "highest goal scorer". When you score, you should be rewarded for it and in his defence, this genuinely was a penalty....
@Hikmat Atleti has no chance, imo. We lost the league last year because Atleti were always ahead. This time, we're the ones who are ahead by, I'd say at this p...
@Manutdonelove Defence wasn't your problem today. lol
I don't mean this post to rub salt in your wounds but I have an honest question for you guys. Why does Ronaldo take your free kicks when Bale is MUCH better and...
Madrid dropping points is great but it doesn't mean anything if we can't capitalize on it. Every time we've had a chance to gain some ground, we fail.
Chelsea playing with 5 defenders and a CDM. Winning 2-0 against Spurs. Drogba dives within the first 5 seconds of coming on.
Lol please don't call him the illusionista. there's one and always will be one illusionista.
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