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@F4f Ronaldo was another youth product of Madrid. So was Raul, Figo and Beckham!
6 hours ago
Reus is could be a world class player and deserves to be in a title winning team. Sorry about Dortmund but he needs to leave. He isn't getting any younger eit...
4 days ago
Nothing but "most", "best" and "greatest" when describing Madrid!
1 week ago
Any updates on prizes being handed out? I have to pre-order FIFA 16 :p
Sorry if this is insensitive but it's just perfect. haha
3 weeks ago
No worries.. Madrid will stock up for sure lol
Daniel Alves: 'Guardiola wanted to coach Brazil before the World Cup, but they didn't want him' PLEASE COACH ARGENTINA PEP! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...
I was one of the skeptics of signing Suarez as well. For 80m, he wasn't worth it for me but look at what a singing he turned out to be in the end. Fully worth e...
How much was he? Btw, "Until 20 July, Barcelona's new board will have an option to sell Arda Turan back to Atletico for a transfer fee of 30.6M." If we paid a...
Eh wth Isco Modric Cesc :p
Remember when Messi won it in WC and he looked disgusted for winning the MVP award? He's done it again in Copa America.. this time, he refused to accept the tr...
And Napoli lol.. he choked them out of CL
Https:// Messi's agony during the penalty shoot out. You can feel his soul crushing every time Argentina mis...
4 weeks ago
Https:// good as gone! This also means you guys will gun for someone like Otamendi
1 month ago
Against Chelsea
No way they will pay 60 for Ramos. I can only see Man U getting him in a swap deal + cash for De Gea
These kind of stats boggle mind mind. And Ozil is *nothing* like Iniesta :)
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