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Deservedly so.. however, it's crazy to think that some of the best surgeons in the world make a fraction of that
8 hours ago
In the homer simpson voice: "The term 'world class player' is tossed around a lot these days. VROOM VROOM VROM VROMROMORM"
4 days ago
@DaGaza and SA What does that have to do with Madrid? By saying what I said, I was also implying that despite how poor we have been, we still aren't too far be...
Game deserved to be 1-1 in the end but Atleti could have easily won. I am not too worried about this Madrid side. They have struggled against every good opposit...
^ Thiago, Cesc, and Sanchez all went for peanuts relative to today's market..
What is happening
What surprised me in that free kick is that NONE of our attackers attacked the rebound.. I was really surprised to see Pique on the rebound. Good forwards antic...
5 days ago
If we're 5 points behind by January with a fully fit Messi, I'd be content with that.
He is the best manager in the world.. hmm
U guys trashed a bent over espanyol as usual. What r u talking about?
^ what's her being a woman got to do with anything? Lol
It was just Bayer.. and regardless of how many goals we score, it's gonna be a case of how many we concede. Our defence situation is a joke atm.
1 week ago
Iniesta has a thigh injury and is out for 4 weeks..
Tbh if they don't resolve the DF issue, i'm done with this site.. it's gotten worse and worse over the years.. Zilch mentioned everything I've been complaining ...
He looks powerful but nothing special in those highlights.
Rafinha is class.. he IS good enough for Barca. Thiago is better of the brothers but Rafinha has a future at Barca, unlike Sandro, Munir, etc.. And I haven't ...
It's been a tough start to the season for both our clubs.. we're without Rafinha, Alves, Bravo, Vermaelen, Pique 4 games, Alba and that kid Messi now for 2 mont...
It was worse than their home game against Juve. One of the best 0-0 games I've seen in a while.. I couldn't handle it in the end lol
It's f*****g BS that the LFP, as per La Liga RULES, aren't allowing us to register Arda.. we've now had 4 of our XI injured long term..
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