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4 months ago
Piratebay usually has most MOTDs... I hope you see this before this comment gets removed.
What website to find the torrents? hurry !!!!
Can someone post a link to a better forum/website with English commentators?
How was Chelsea rubbish?
5 months ago
6 months ago
Ssoblasted just Watched
Ssoblasted just Watched
Also Bayern is Peps first team he actually has to prove himself with. Barcelona doesn't count since Messi basically did everything, he realized without Messi be...
8 months ago
History shows that teams start to fail after mourinho leaves, Real Madrid fans shouldn't wish him gone just yet.
Pep is overrated. His success at Barca was due to Messi being fit, and opposing players doubling up on him resulting in free space for his teammates.
I agree Spain were playing well below their usual level. Image if Brazil had lost resulting in more riots, and thus threatening to cancel FIFA's World Cup. Two...
9 months ago
Spain were playing really bad, unrecognizable. Seems strange that Spain all of sudden start playing bad vs Brazil in a final being hosted in Brazil. Its not lik...
Wow italy didnt deserve to win. Japan dominated the game. I dont expect them to make it past group stage in WC2014.
10 months ago
Backpassing, relying on messi, buying refs and diving wont work forever
12 months ago
He doesnt play well for brazil either. the whole brazil squad doesnt play well at all
1 year ago
Colombia are ASS
Even though he abandoned a sinking ship? great captain.
He is fat, and was caught in a hotel with transsexual prostitute, hes a disgrace to the game.
Time to sell Torres. I liked him at liverpool, but hes not going to return to form. Sell him and split the loses.
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