Srege waiting for MotD highlights for Chelsea
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4 years ago
Whether we play awesome or not we need to keep winning just like United did last season. Who cares if we win the entire season by "luck." Once that trophy is in...
Hey Srege! I love you're pic!! Lampards the best player on Chelsea isn't he! hope he still has a long way to go!!! I gave you two cool votes cause you're cool! ...
6 years ago
Is it just me or is the commentator all over berbatov
7 years ago
Yet again lol... was he taking a break last season then?
We are finally Championssss!!!
8 years ago
Lol poor gunner! hang in there buddy
SO what do you make of Sergio Busquets after that? Any hard feelings against Mourinho or would you say well deserved progress to the finals for Inter?
Lol i love how Sergio Busquets just proved Mourinho right, with his dramatic acting, about how Barça dives. At this point I dont care who wins the final, both...
Babe its too bad the fan traits thingy doesn't have "Hot" as one of the options haha
Hahaha that Alex free kick is sick... this one may not be related to Chelsea but is one of my favies when it comes to free kicks...
I must say that all the people in the above comments are probably some of the most intelligent Chelsea supporters on footytube, or infact some of the most intel...
Mate he's probs not even playing for Ghana this summer... but yes he's a class act! Awesome goals from like 30 yrds out ahah what a baller
Lol nah man Ancelotti's not going to buy any old players I can guarantee that much although having Robben back would be un-facking-believable... i cannot even ...
Hahah that would be so tight brotha... but i don't think its gonna happen man. for us to break the ManUs record we're gonna have to score like 3 against wigan ...
No because he's English. besides he's f*****g awesome for his age, that said Drogba will show him up anyday..
Okay first off they didn't cheat their way there. If anyone cheats their way anywhere it was Barça in champions league last year... and that too you cannot bla...
Hahahahaha alright man way to appreciate chelseas class dawg
Dude those are most beautiful full time scores ever man damnnn
Yo calm down brotha... we got the win so no worries
Haha its cus he's a Benfica supporter
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