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5 years ago
Man Utd clearly deserve to get 3 point from this game. All Spur shots were on target and get punch out by Da Gea . You can't call this lucky for MU because thos...
Chelsea don't need a striker. They can try 4-6-0 like Spain did in Euro.
People misunderstand that the offside was not for the goal from Augero but isntead the offside is for the pass that Dzeko passed to Kolarov.
It is not the goal that was in offside. It is the pass that lead to the goal was in offside.
Wenger should leave Arsenal and create his own soccer academy . I am sure he will make a fortune out of it. i feel like Arsenal slowly became a youth camp for T...
I was really hoping ManUtd win this game to see how the Chelsea fans respond to this game on Footy =). Back to the game, our central back were really rubbish bu...
Geez, it was a big mistake to put Ramos on the first 5 penalty kick taker ! seriously he had a really bad record on putting the ball on target >.< iT is the bes...
6 years ago
For the past few years, it is seem like which team beat Barcelona will be a champion of that year. So I think this time Chelsea has better chance to bring the C...
I almost fell off the chair laughing hard when I see this commentator from soccernet say" Iniesta has a shot, but it's not 2009. It's over "
Yeah I was almost fainted because of nervous ! my hand was shaking like crazy whenever Barca players had a shot on target.
It is Ferdinand's fault , not Rafael . The defense players play so comfortable and let their guard down . It was the same mistake they made in Basel game at Old...
Shaky defense put us out CL , shaky defense might cost us a title ! please do something about it S. Fergusion
Was'nt Inter Millan win CL few years ago just by parking the bus in front the goalie ?
Football is not all about Possession and Passing ! Defensive can win the cup too . Ask Inter if you want to see the proof
Next week headline ! Barcelona gets second KO in their home ground ...
Same here ! I really hope Chelsea win CL this year.
I have a feeling Chelsea will win CL this year ! Looking at the trend of the previous winners of CL, the team that had the most lucky bless in the semi-final wo...
Only if the referee is on Barca side again ! i think next game will be a draw at Nou Camp
Its not over yet ! Bayern only play great at home . This has been proved many time in this champion league such as they got beaten at Basel and ManCity's home b...
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