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Yeah but if ya HAD to choose..... ;P
1 day ago
Honestly, deep down, I'd still be so happy with 4th place. I know to dare is to do and all that, but seriously, having come into the season hoping for 5th, I'm ...
3 days ago
It has to be Dembele. The way he has been commanding that midfield in both attack, defense and transition between the two, is incredible. All our players are ha...
5 days ago
Different in Mindsets: Arsenal fans (5 points from top): FFS, that's it, we're out of the title race, we don't deserve this, once again settle for 4th place, #...
1 week ago
How is he denying the truth? He is clearly aware that you guys have only taken 2 points from 12, but rightfully suggested 2 is better than nothing. Which is a f...
@sanchezalexis I get your point and admire the message behind it, but its a tad ignorant to the reality of the attitude in most team sport competitions towards ...
Nothings nailed on yet. Although this is the most confident I've felt in Tottenham for a long time, theres still a LOT more games to play in 3 competitions. But...
Haha all of us are behind in our Spurs fandom!
I mean, yeah, I agree with you and would have rathered tie it all up now, but hey. Levy gonna Levy.
Shhhh! Don't say it too loud or they'll hear you
Great solid win without expending too much energy. All the early subs were definitely to maximize rest, particularly for Alli. And the Arsenal forum meltdown h...
@Suraj it would kind of be money wasted to pay £5 to £6mil to send him back on loan for 6 months, when we can easily get him for a free in the summer. The tri...
Still have Bale giving a thumbs up to a dumbass, yelling QPR fan, so by all means ride the Sandro profile high!
Tad dramatic
Dude, Spurs practically sell out our current ~36k stadium. On top of that, we have a season ticket waiting list of 30k - the only reason it's not longer is beca...
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