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LVG. Definitely not Laudrup. We may as well hang onto Timmy if Laudrup is the only option.
6 days ago
"thats not what I wanted to say" Yet you said it anyway... This man needs more self control.
I don't know how long you have been following the PL, Black001, but surely you would know that the most dangerous teams to play are indeed the relegation zone o...
1 week ago
I get Gibbs' appeal, but how on earth did Oxlade get off? It was a clear handball, straight red.
3 weeks ago
Apparently he has been recommended by a few other managers to cool off some steam in the stands after his harsh attitude he has had in the dugout, as well as to...
I actually tend to go on Cartilage Free Captain now too. Well moderated, great laughs and also a great venue for good debates.
4 weeks ago
Ugh this comes across as very condescending. We didn't play to push you guys to your limits, as if we are some support network. We played to win the game, and w...
1 month ago
No way Naughton would go there. Let Fryers have a shot. Maybe he could pull a Rose for us.
Where in the hell is Capoue?
Yaya Toure > Mikel. Trophies aside, surely no one can deny that fact? Yaya Toure is arguably the best midfielder in the world right now.
I really do think this guy must just be an elite Tottenham troll. Only ever read negative things from him that stirs the rest of you up.
F**k SAKE. NO MORE BLOODY BACK INJURIES. Also, where is Capoue again? Just as he was getting back in favor....
Modric and Bale in our same lineup............ f**k me.
@Suraj, if you can't beat em, join em?
Let alone the number of fans on here who would rather watch the game at the pub with their mates and a pint, or at the actual stadium itself, as opposed to on a...
I am finding it so difficult to care for Spurs right now. We get so much hope, look like we are on the up swing, then crap like this and Dnipro happens. We now ...
The ironic thing is, Sherwood himself was something of a CDM when he played football..
2 months ago
Regardless of whether its fair or not, I reckon if Sherwood doesn't get top 4 this season, he's outta there. May be a terrible decision, as Sherwood is looking...
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