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Heyyyy guys. Have a fun summer!
6 months ago
Actually no, Godzarmyofangls, we're much more concerned with being part of a title race. Remember those?
8 months ago
In that year absence, he was a Leicester fan
9 months ago
Wow, surprised that REDdevil fellow has lasted the account purge. Pretty rough comment lol
10 months ago
^ best sandwiches in England...and super cheap too!
11 months ago
Drew Wycombe Wanderers for FA Cup 4th round at the Lane. A fan run club in league 2 with great spirit. Couldn't ask for a better draw, really
^ lol wat? No way anyone wins the league with 38 draws. Treble is, on paper, a greater honour. Invincibles is harder to achieve.
^ chelsea playing youth products? Loooooooool ;)
Lol you guys are next
BAHAHAHAHA f**k OFF CHELSEA! And a nice little rounded f**k you to all the doubters. COYS
Good game, nice try on the streak!
Would LOVE you guys to get relegated
1 year ago
"GOOD NEWS Wijnaldum limping off the pitch, hope it is a serious injury". OOHHHHH haha guys you all missed it! It's pretty hard to spot, but at the end of the ...
@Weathers you don't just get to choose whether you take part in the over-inflated market or not; the market is what it is. £30m is not the same as £30m back e...
Deulofeu and Sergio Roberto are your backups for striker and CM? Your argument is invalid.
Wow, Chelsea fans be BIASED. I mean, so much to respond to, I cbf responding to it all, but you do realise Cesc moved his hand INTO Lamela's foot? Thats the exa...
@SIS, I don't know where you live, it might be different where you are, but here in London and the majority of England, most everyone are having a field day on ...
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