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Cups of tea. Having a fry and watching football focus on a saturday.
Listening to 5live world football phone in at like 3 in the morning. Lovely cute women with rosy cheeks coming in from the cold = ] . The Sopranos, the Godfather. Other things that are also v good, but i cant think of right now.
The boring summers when no football is on and your working to pay off the massive debt you incurred trying, in vain, to get educated.
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To be honest i think all arsenals problems come from alex song - he's really skilful, strong on the ball ect. but he doesnt help out the two centre backs and he...
7 years ago
Would love to catch some Uruguay matches - Suarez + Forlan would make a beautiful partnership. I hope Ajax keep him, would like to see them become a successfu...
8 years ago
This is not arsenal anymore. They aren't able to soak up pressure and then attack on the counter like they used to.
I didn't watch this match but i saw the win against spurs last weekend. The best player on the pitch was Alex Song, by a mile. He was a rock in midfield. i thin...
Heard a lot about mls from 5live world football phone-in. But I was wondering who the team with the irish contingent are? With so many irish people in America y...
Omg i love the office - my estimation of you has jumped 500%
We should definitely stick with the 433 formation we used at the start of the season. 4-1-4-1 against olympiakos was the reason for the late goal. all the chanc...
I don't like the 4-1-4-1, that's why it took so long to get the first goal, against a third rate side lets be honest. Back to the 4-3-3 please Arsene.
What a player suarez is, he's definitely matured a lot. A possible move to arsenal.?
I think that arsenal are over-achieving at the moment. Football is a game of ideas and arsene has them all. What is lacking is the personnel, specifically - the...
I hate real madrid so much its not even funny anymore.
I agree with Sjsung - We have all the players to create a brilliant squad - All we need is for them to stay fit. I loves me some pacey defenders. Give us mo...
Owen seems fantastic. Berbatov still needs a kick up the arse. Nani is no ronaldo, and imo he's by far the worst united player. Valencia is the real deal. But o...
Cesc doesnt look happy =/
So glad denilson got that goal - that should silence his critics. But this was a very poor everton side - although i only saw the game on match of the day. I th...
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