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Real vs PSG is a game to watch. About chelsea vs Barca: chelsea is unbeaten in the last 7 games they've faced and Messi has not scored against them ever. :D Tha...
3 hours ago
Always nice to see the miserable look on Mou's face. However this unbeaten run of city should be ended, I don't like our precious record broken :D
21 hours ago
It took wenger 20 years to change formation, it would take another 20 years for him to play 2 forwards centerally :D I would say what the heck, play Ramsey, nel...
23 hours ago
We won't get top 4 with this kind of s**t display. If we don't get into top 4 we would be in a big trouble cause sponsorships renewal is at the end of this seas...
Our main problem is weniger. He is either too loyal to players or too cruel. Don't understand why he stick with the players like Sanchez when he won't stay plu...
Kolasinac form is awful. too many simple passes missed.
What a save from Forster. De gea kind of save.
3rd goal was the result of Xhaka switching off. we don't necessarily need a dm if xhaka could be focused the whole game. the other 2 was not dms fault at all a...
6 days ago
Imagine mou cant deliver his 2nd season title trophy. then what good is he for? :D
1 week ago
Cech could have got the first easily right?
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