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Ramsey will take the place of Mr. Fab Diaby is already fulfilling Vieira's shoes... tall, power shots, play maker... I believe Song will be the future Diaby....
8 years ago
I hate to disagree with you but Liverpool tend to do well in CL despite the EPL disaster... just like AC Milan they always give a surprise in CL I think this is...
"After that do Kaka and Ronaldo are going to play for the team or for themselves? Kaka for sure but Ronaldo? He's got a lot of pride...." Got to agree here....
Very constructive plays in the second half... really liked Boruc (celtic's keeper) he saved their asses from being trashed with more goals. Celtic did give thei...
I don't like to get my hopes up if you know what I mean! ... I believe it will be a good match... Man utd have a bit of a defensive problem with van der sar out...
ROONEY is the biggest threat in my honest opinion and Nani is showing off a little since Ronaldo is out of the picture... Owen is yet to show he still got it (I...
Agreed with Andy, he's a great manager, And the problem is Chelsea... They are looking to win something quickly and they are always changing managers, which is ...
Henry left to win the Champions League and he was successful (also he wasn't getting any younger and Barca splashed some nice figures in front of him)... I beli...
America was not built for football / soccer ... it's just a fact but... could I be wrong? has anyone seen the confederations cup? Cause I remember seeing some g...
It's CL!!! ... I don't know of any team that says "Let's give up on Champions league its a rubbish league!!!" when a team has a chance in CL they give their utm...
Agreed with gunners4649... When I look at Italian football they don't say how lucky they are it's a GOAL and that is that... yes sometimes you have luck on your...
Fabregas will be set to leave for Barcelona if Arsenal yet again won't win anything this coming season. He is a player who wants to lift trophies, if Arsenal do...
Celtic is a though opponent and they always wind up giving a challenge to the top clubs such as AC Milan especially in the champions league. If Arsenal play as ...
Regarding MAN CITY: I agree with you... They have quality players now, so to my knowledge its now up to the manager to pull them in the top 4 or give a tight...
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