Spemwad things can only get better!!!!! ;-)
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Have been following football ever since 2004 and started watching on a regular basis around 2006 ..
I enjoy playing indoor and outdoor football. It makes me sweat.
Gerrard08 (Jasper Loh)
Gerrard17 (Finn Sansom) from Nelson, NZ
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THE ELEGANT ONE ----KAKA---- A man who was once. Just a curious boy. Hypnotized by perfect harmony. And the man in the middle, The CONDUCTOR. Who creates balance out of chaos. ...
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Hadi23 (Hadi Ali) from Southall, England
HameenMan (Ben Gibble)
I love to play soccer and my favorite team is Liverpool and England for my national team. I lived in Europe for two and a half years.
HUAIMIN +17) Nationality: Singapore PR (British) Date of Birth: 04/08/1992 Height/Weight: 1.76m/62kg Birth Place: Hong Kong/ Taiwan Schools: Park View Primary School, Chung Ch ...
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Jaimin (Jaimin Upadhyaya) INDIA
Really passionate about LFC and just cant get enough of Stevie G,he is my favorite plyr, jst mesmerizes me everytime i see him play!! I also like cricket.
Jamesearlgreen (James Earl)
JayMajethiya (Jay Majethiya) from Bhuj, India
B.Tech Information Technology 1st Year Nirma University , Ahmedabad ,Gujrat India
JAYquin (JAY-quin)
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