Spemwad things can only get better!!!!! ;-)
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Colazero38 (Chris Skjørestad) from Sandnes, Norway
DannySPARTA (Daniel Moravec) CZ
I ♥ Football
DavidRC (David Rodriguez Coronado)
DCozi (Dennis Cosma) from Adelaide, Australia
Demonliar (Dupree Potter) from Singapore, Singapore
Din61n (Yoshi Kristianto) from Sydney, Australia
Donnchadh (Duncan Hamilton) from Flagstaff, United States
Love footy and beer. And a big fat joint in the morning haha And my name is Duncan, I've got three brothers who I love dearly more than anyone or anything, cept for maybe this c ...
DraxZ89 (Nay Lin Aung) from SF, USA
I m a big supporter of Liverpool. ^__^
Drivenovearly (Christopher) from Chicago, USA
DutchReds (The Dutch Reds)
I was born and bred in Liverpool, due to an offer of work I came to Holland, and travel back to see the Reds play. I hale from the same part of Liverpool as Jamie Carrager. What I ...
Duude (Cathal)
I love liverpool and fav player is gerrard
Elhadjim (Danny) from Liverpool
Elucari (Eric Lucari) United States
From Chicago, Illinois, United States.
I like to play football with freinds, i also like to play fifa on the 360 so if you want to add me EveryCactus
Figopro1 (Dwayne Powell) from Brooklyn, USA
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