Speakinglouder won my game 2-0!!!against my rival! B)
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Wow...i haven't been on here in 4ever!!! LOL i had absolutely NO idea how many comments i had...wow!!!LOL
7 years ago
Hey...i'm on and ur not...u told me to get on and i'm on...btw...wy r u talkin to dat thing???LOL JK...well GET ON SOON!!!LOL c u either tomorrow or sunday...i ...
STEPHAN... Your newest friend, is ben's, elijah's, and my rival!!!! seriously?!?! lol i love you driving, DOUGHNUT!!!!! LUV YA c u @ the wrk day!
DOUGHNUT!!!! i love how no one knows wat were talking bout, exepct for stephan!!! lol
8 years ago
Doughnut!!!!!!!! LOL
Um, well it was cool, but they went a little bit over board with the tree hugging, and the "earth" thingy, i think they could have done better, and i would DEFI...
Were the effects awesome!?!?!
Ben... i finally got my 1st. rival!!! hey, ur newest rival!!! lol;)
Well someone got mad!!! lol YES, my 1st rival!!!
If ur trying 2 tlk 2 me, No. and ur suposed to say that on my comment wall...
Well... what should the subject be??? donut!!! lol
Well, the only one i didn't know... was the one i think it was called ice cream... but other than that... ur good!
Doughnut!!! lol
You did?!?!?! is that the only reason Rachel brought u to 7-11??? lol
Shhhhhh idk
You do know the stalker can look on Benji's comment wall and get really mad!!! lol
U fatty... 1st you copied my profile picture, and then you logged off RIGHT when i got on!!! lol well c u in bout 1hr!!!
Check out my new photo album..... if u know of any kinds that i don't have tell me.
U should start a blog. :)
Is doughnut some kind of inside joke between u and stephan??? did u guys do a doughnut or something while u were out driving??? ur probably gonna be laughing AL...
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