Spaturcus (Trevon Edwards) who.. needs tevez ... we have
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Likes manchester united ....... sir alex torres, drogba at times cause he likes to fake.... and the whole epl .... this league is the best in the world..
Hate chelsea......liverpool and recently manchester city...
Semi-Pro (Striker) Maranatha Fc
Loves man. utd to the heart.... thier biggest fan in the world...... and enjoy playing and looking at football
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6 years ago
Good game lads ... i love when man utd win like this ... the whole team playd well ...the young players are really stepping up .. great game ......
Yup... thats true ... well said lad
Point well taken but u have to understand... he is new to this not a matter of trust over time he will be the #1 ..he has to adapt also ..cause we a...
I must say i was expecting a better performace.... after winning agsinst man city .. however ... its not how u win in this league good all round game .. anderso...
Wat a bad start for arsenal... i think they lost there chemistry... cause of all the attention to there two main players...... fab and nasri.....the game was a...
Great goal by larrson, sunderland play strong ...good game but liverpool need to needs to work on there defence......
Good match today .... man utd as usual showed city that money is nt everything..... even wen utd was down 2 nil at the half i was not worried cause ..we was con...
Congrats . to chelsea and all there fans... on footy tube.. till next season.
8 years ago
For real dude ... this video is the best .... the music compliments it also
All u chelsea fans ... this is goin down to the wire ... man utd had a ok season ..i must admit that we fail to keep top spot .... but sunderland will be beaten...
Hahahaha lol am so glad baca lost ..... lol wow that game was great .... were was messi did he play this was the game he needed to step up... and he was h...
Now lets keep the tempo guys come on man utd lets win this epl
Well i wouldnt say that we are a one man team .is jus that rooney is a complete player he does everything ... c. ronaldo was like that too ... rooney is jus our...
Why the hell man utd could not score the goal darm ... now chelsea have the ease no presure they can afford to lose a game and still win the epl gesssssssssssss...
Like u feel man utd is chelsea ....
Jus keep in mind that chelsea have to come too old trafford
I support u bro ..... whos better in mind games than sir alex ... hahahahlol
Hahahahhaahahah i love this comment hhahahahalol
Rite now ur emotional cause thats the only thing u can win ..... and guess wat chelsea wont win the epl... if inter could send u packing ... whoes man utd... ri...
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