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5 years ago
The pitch was definitely a factor.. you can just see it crumbling apart.
Imagine if this was against arsenal... they'd be spewing lol.
Agreed.. Not sure how Milner earned the call up. Beckham would've done a better job I reckon
I feel bad for the goalkeeper
6 years ago
Bad tactical move in the end for liverpool though. the tense atmosphere of the game and background soap opera scenario all played out in united's favour. i gues...
That's not a fixed match, just a terrible one for Dinamo Zagreb.. Lyon's strikers were running free into the box with no pressure at all from the defenders.. I...
Holy schmokes... I've never seen Ozil so angry! Nothing will cool you down better then a little slapfest and eye-gouging near the full time whistle.. Seriously ...
Yeah but you can't forget the other team's made up of some well established and quite senior international footballers. Youth players also seem to shine a lot m...
LOL.. So true! That's not disrespect, just a trick. If anything, it was a rubbish execution of a great looking technical skill. I doubt the commentators would...
Definitely true. But it looks unlikely that La Liga will be more competitive this season. With Barcelona and Real Madrid still active in the transfer market, th...
Man.. Mexico destroyed every single team in the tournament
Alexis Sanchez definitely!!! :D a little goal bomber he is.. If Altidore doesn't walk out of the world cup with a contract from a major european club, I'd be ve...
8 years ago
I know at almost EVERY tournament there are always complaints regarding the match ball from strikers and goalkeepers alike.. But what happened to Mark Paston at...
Hey Christo!! Welcome to footytube :) It's always nice to see a Valencia supporter here! so if you ever need any help or anything just write on my wall :D also...
Alexis Sánchez definitely has a chance to shine, dunno about best youth though... or Cuauhtémoc Blanco hahaha.. Joking, he's a national hero.
Btw, Paston should be knighted after that save...
Looks kinda like Milito's second goal at the UCL finals.. Smeltz can really look better than Killen when he actually commits himself to the game.. Like in this ...
Verbeek needs to bring back McDonald... Good win anyhow though.. But where were they playing?? It looked like the backyard of a golf clubhouse..
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