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Sorenn12 just Watched
I can understand that, he is just always super amped when he scores a goal, which can appear very annoying when it's against your team, but I just appreciate hi...
When is Schweini back?
MotM? I'm thinking Neuer honestly? But could have been any number of players... I'd say there were pretty great performances all around. Good to see Dante pic...
I was just about to ask, how has Holtby been at Tottenham? Is he getting much playing time?
Wooot woot wootttt
Pretty intense for the Supercup, huh?
Yeah... safer to give a foul but no card... :/
Seems like a pretty simple group for us FCB huh? Would want to be Celtic or Copenhagen!
5 years ago
Sorenn12 nominated N. Şahin (20') for Goal of the Week
1. Schweini's goal was pretty much a perfect free kick. can't get more unbeatable. 2. the reason Mueller is starting instead of Robben, is cause Mueller wou...
Is Hummels injured?
Anyone know why Podolski didn't play? I didnt even see him listed as a potential substitute on ESPN...
It's pretty interesting in my opinion. While I RM played great at the beginning and took advantages of the couple big defensive errors, they also failed to pu...
What was that trophy at the beginning for? I mean i know it was the copa del rey (or thats what it sounded like, but what was the ceremony for?)
6 years ago
Bayern hardly got spanked...
Who's did more to create an awesome goal? CR7 or Ozil? Ronaldo's was the worst of the three imo and he brings the most attention to himself of anyone. geezzzz. ...
Yeah i'm no fan of that, but i am a fan of Ozil's pass. Hope he does that for Germany a lot in EM! :) Those guys are better at staying onside me thinks!
If kaka had scored off his first header that would have been BOSS!!
I'm not going to say Ozil was the ONLY one who could have made that pass, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it was him ;)
I f*cking love Toni Kroos
It doesn't mean NOTHING. The Van Bommel the captain said the opposite before the game. I'm pretty sure that's what the Dutch are telling themselves right now!
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