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How come you support linfield?
7 years ago
@MikeBoy: although France tried hard to beat Belarus but failed to do so. Anyhow, two thumbs up for Belarus
Germany is good damn good, a young and competitive team with professional guys. No doubt their defense is not that strong which means only the fittest will surv...
I haven’t seen so many gorgeous divas in my whole life; really World Cups 2010 was the outmost thriving force for the football fans around the world.
@Sean003: not a bad idea, premier league forum is always appreciated.
Hungary is damn good and will lead the group. Hungary’s recent attempt was auspicious and tremendous
Well it was not on my expectations as I waited long for this tough competition.
It depends on how much they show their good performance in the most recent series. But I’ll prefer to go for Liverpool, as it’s my all time favorite squad
Now that the cat is out of the bag and everything is in thick and thin and the only thing which was regretful was the defeat of France by Belarus
It looks interestingly to be a tough competition horse race between England and Montenegro, with Bulgaria and Switzerland both stuck amazingly on three points f...
It’s good, what’s the bad in it, I don’t think so it’s a bad idea. We should stick with their games rather than criticizing the venues and places.
It seems it’s not a behavioral problem, but the aptitude problem which can’t be changed overnight. I have seen the bits of the series and find the same.
@Kimaway17: Obviously he is the leading man and deserves some respect. A captain is always responsible for good or bad performance of the team and overall disci...
Interestingly, Mirko Vucinic has revealed his greatest wish that he hopes to leave a long lasting impression on English football in the Euro 2012 qualifying cla...
No doubt the ludicrous reaction to Aaron Ramsey's serious injury gave us an opportunity to understand yet more proof that football exists in a bizarre little bu...
I guess it’s history now, and there is no need to cry over split milk. Let’s see how the champions will beat and give some tough time to their competitors i...
Serbia seek Italian boost..........
With in the group it seems Portugal position has much potential to fight back.
David Villa, surely....... lets see who else will comes in the way of DAvid villa :)
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