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Where is the rest? poor Olympic channel
5 years ago
It is not even against a good national team at the end of this event, you can put your comment, not after a game
I don't get it, Balotelli played way better than last game. he was a threat to Croatia, unlike Cassano once Balotelli was replaced, Croatia equalized and Croat...
Hopefully in the 1st place
6 years ago
Well, they did it. but, still one match left, and hopefully they redo it
Wow Arsenal.
Awesome player cant be forgotten. best of the best
That's horrable, even though there are beautiful touches from him, but he plays alone.
The whole team worked together. that is the real win. yah baby
Tevez is here, hopefully things get better for the club first, and the player
Somewhere on FootyTube
He didn't shake hand. Evra was angry They should band Suares from playing football. NO NO, they should even hang him on a wall and kick his ass. NO No, it is no...
We are awesome as usual. I hope it last forever. Thank you Man City
This is one of the best games I have seen. Congrats to Osasuna. well done
Just imagene the Blue team wins without the REF help, there is no way
Very bad
Juve this year is different, well play, with a very wonderful plans they have. players just know where to be and how to do thier job awesome Juve, loving Juve s...
As usual, because of the ref, city lost. ignored the foul, and as a result they scored. penalty kick, but the ref didn't want to see it. it happened before, it...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Press free time only
There is no way Tevez would come back to England(I think). His next game will be somewhere. may be on the beach in his country
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