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It's real funny how Warnock was on his polo before the match ended and was on his suits in the interview
6 years ago
Lame. I bet you got that from the internet
Torres just passed cuz he knew he won't score if he shoots hahahahaha jk
Somewhere on FootyTube
Jagielka plays as a centre back but he's a versatile player that can be switched to right back or goalie(emergency)
@Balotelli45, if chelsea playing is bullshit, why are they 2nd, not 4rth? I know I'm not suppose to ruin your celebration but I'm just sayin
7 years ago
Is it just me or everyone can see that all Pennant's goals were deflected, through the goalie's legs, and rebound goals lol
Real Madrid seriously has no sportsmanship. Just because they're not going to the finals doesn't mean they can hurt the bara players. Too bad real should've got...
Hahaha Falcao too good :)
I was gonna close it after the i watched the full highlight but when I see David Moyes interviewing, I watched the rest of the video lol
Wenger douche bag. didn't even shake hands with redknapp
Torres is cup tied
I understand this situation just the same way arsenal beat everton. Everton leading 1-0 then arsenal made it 1-2 in 5 minutes
Why are there no evertonians commenting!!!!
You're just picking on chelsea becuz they were title contenders last year. If you really want to insult a team of other nation, y not Arsenal? Arsenal first 11 ...
Actually the carroll deal was pretty stupid for me. 20-24 + 35 is 55-59 million but torres is 50 million so they're not making profit out of torres. But I think...
Liverpool guanteen sud
Oh my goodness!!! Newcastle actually got 4 points from Arsenal this year!!!
SAHA!!!!! Beckford too :)
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