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Sucks to see Rafael go
We're 10th in Uefa rankings Uefa doesn't use a one season ranking. It's over the period o...
2 days ago
This forum is more boring than watching Chelsea play.
1 week ago
Game is today? I thought it was tomorrow
2 weeks ago
I had a weird dream that we lost 1-0.
Again no one ever said he is a better player. He is a better striker.
Yeah. He has done really well since joining. One complaint from mourinho was his defensive contribution and I have to say unless we signed the wrong mata, he h...
This video sums up benzema as a striker. The only reason he manager to score as many glad as he does if because of the number of c...
You guys need to take a break from playing FIFA now and actually watch a game of football. Benzema finishing is the worst of any striker (bar welbeck) at any ...
Benzema overall is a better player but not a better striker. If it was for his finishing alone I doubt he would still be a Madrid player. Again chicharo is the ...
He should have gotten the chance at Madrid. He is a way better striker than benzema
1. Never said he is more creative but he is a way better attacker. He never played centrally for Barca, not ever. So why would he come here and expect to play ...
Many of you don't know how good Pedro is. If he come he is automatically in the top 5 best wingers in the league. Just as quick as di Maria, probably more skill...
Pedro is a better attacked and better winger than di Maria. I would love for us to sign him. f**k I would make a straight swap with di Maria for Pedro.
We are finally linked with Pedro.
Where would cavani play?
That makes more sense. But why top 4 addon and not for trophies. I would have fired whoever negotiated that deal. That shows how little faith the people in the ...
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