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I always knew him as a Barca fan until Dortmund won their first title. That's when all the Dortmund fans appeared out of think air. I like watching them. But I...
2 days ago
We? Everyone is a Dortmund fan boy it seems.
Going to vote 10 more times just to make sure he wins
3 days ago
+1 for Balotelli
Based and rumors you paid 50m for tevez. sir alex pulled out of the deal after we agreed to pay 25m after the loan and when it was time the price doubled.
I only like him playing as a striker, any other position he can f**k off to city for all i care.
Why is everyone so sensitive?
Van de gea is more valuable than any Madrid player. He and Rooney are the only irreplaceable players in our squad.
Depay, hummels, firmino and will Hughes/ward-prowse in over the summer with chicharo and nani returning. Evans,cleverley RVP lindegaard and Falcao leaving.
Sucks that it took this long for people to realize that Michael carrick is the best English midfielder around.
4 days ago
Giggs had 4 games and was still a player and we were all happy with what he did in those 4 games. what a bad example. he will be taking over from Van Gal in 2 s...
5 days ago
Humility? Whats that? is is another trend like YOLO?
We have been winning titles for years while getting ver far in the cups and champions league. Europe doesn't affect us.
Smh... After years of being right I can't believe there are people who still doubt me.
United for the win. At the moment i think we could give barca, bayern, juve and madrid a fight if we go up against them.
6 days ago
Https:// this video should end the debate between Courtios and Van De Gea. Courtois best moments shows how big of a liabilit...
1 week ago
Now there are rumors that Barca wants Herrera. Not surprised, he is a very good player.
Herrera, Blind and Rojo are very good footballers. Great buys. If they grow on how they have been performing I can seem them going into the book of United great...
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