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He probably created 3 less chances than Casillas too.
2 hours ago
I like him. Intelligent with great passing and technique
Agree with the guys above me. Let's not forget Miss Penalty.
Lmao at pressure. You're going down a slippery slope. See what I did there?
2 days ago
It's not a cheap shot, I said what I had to say. In the future please delete my comment rather than edit it. My comment represent what I have to say not what yo...
I would rather spend 40 million to get welbeck back than buy falcao
So if we are not winning we are not entertaining? The last 3 games been very entertaining. I rather enjoyed them.
3 days ago
👆 its ok if you go support Chelsea Cjay. I won't judge you.
The last time he was at Chelsea the fans complained about his boring football, which was part of why he got fired.
Yes there were times when we grind out results but that was more down to the players playing crap rather than sir Alex sending his team out not to lose. I don't...
Mourinho may have won the tittle but I am very happy we never got him as our manager. He plays boring anti football if I ever saw it. Absolute the opposite of w...
No carrick and we lose 3. Van Persie and Falcao needs to f**k off somewhere else and take Valencia with you
4 days ago
Cause I can do and say whatever I please. Lol but on more serious note he wants us to lose while we don't care about who wins between arsenal and Chelsea. We ...
1 week ago
Smhehid at the people who thought that was a good comeback
Sigh...smh. We care not about arsenal or how you do in your games just so you know. Z
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