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No we should sell jones. he is only 23 and and gets injured a lot. we know he is going to be way better than Smalling is at the moment. but we should sell him c...
6 days ago
I think there was some guy. i think he might have been welsh or scottish (can't quite remember), but rumour has it that he did it back to back like the cover of...
1 month ago
Tsk tsk tsk... i know you guys adore mourinho but you have to see by now that he is a walking time bomb.
This is what happens when they leave their bus on the training ground.
Chelsea losing because they dont have a Martial
I Bet pedro is wishing he signed for United.
Anybody watched the video at the top and see how delusional arsenal fans are? Bellerin better than Darmian, Coquelin better than carrick, Herrera, Schweinsteige...
Anyone notice the media trying to paint LVG as the bad guy for not letting LamaBoy go to the virus.
3 months ago
A draw and everyone is in panic mode? Smh...
Arsenal are luckier than we thought
Ur completely right. That's ball wasn't going nowhere near the goal of it wasn't for the deflection. Smh... Darmian, learn to defend. We also take pleasure i...
I think everybody except chelsea had a good game at Newcastle
On a real, remove ur bias. Has Rooney been playing good enough over the last few seasons to be a United player? I can't remember his las great game, can you?
Alves just gave away 2 goals
It's his debut too
Bilbao's left winger is brilliant. Happy we didn't get dani Alves
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