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Looking at Arsenal they could do well with a player like Pogba.
2 weeks ago
Told someone he is better than John Stones but they dont seem to agree.From the little i have seen from Bailly he has the making of the next Vidic, maybe even b...
We need to fix our set pieces. we tend to take them short instead of pumping it into the box from good areas.
3 weeks ago
We made a 33 million pounds bid for James Rodriguez
1 month ago
Pull out and go after who?
This is only for the premier league era. it was voted on by a panel of judges. i think they were presented with a list of about 80 players. other wise players l...
This is the official list from the premier league. Gerard has done a lot for liverpool but you can't use that to justify why you think he is up there with the b...
Ryan Giggs, Manchester United Dennis Bergkamp, Arsenal Eric Cantona, Leeds United, Manchester United Thierry Henry, Arsenal Roy Keane, Nottingham Forest, M...
Ronaldo is a better goal scorer but certainly not more talented that giggs.
They always bring up the players he was surrounded with.I mean Zola made the list for his time at chelsea. Never won the league either.
PS liverpool fans just to remind you that gerrard is s**t, he didnt even make the short list for best premier league player ever smh... Scholes did tho so did r...
Before anyone come and say gerrard or henry or any bullshit like that, the premier league has it on record that giggs is the best player to have played in the l...
Watching some old Giggs videos. what a player he was. the best player to have graced the premier league.
If LVG didn't have full control how do you explain selling Hernandez? His commercial value alone was enough for any business man to keep him. When he joined Mad...
I definitely wasn't calling juventus stupid
Spend 100 million on pogba and 200 on neymar. i don't care. we are signing a superstar. we will make the money back. complaining that the glazers ain't been spe...
When madrid signed Ronaldo we thought we got the better deal until they made it back in 4 months. Same with Neymar and Barca. We have the money to spend on the ...
Thought i was the only one who noticed what a liability Sakho is.
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