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4 years ago are really a class act aren't you? Hypocrite of the largest order.
Oh please...How did that mentality work in the early 2000s....Unless you are a small child, its not that difficult to remember.
That is some incredible bias that you just touted there. Both teams were relatively stagnant for the duration of the game, aside from the lone goal. Without W...
We hate Na$ri more if that matters :D RVP's departure was a disappointment, but was inevitable. We, as fans, don't have to support his decision of going to a ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Did you even bother to read the article?
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@Jaysetsfire69......chill out. Apparently ArsenalismX had his post moderated after you responded, but there is really no need to retaliate in such a cynical ma...
SomeVAguy nominated J. Wilshere (18') for Goal of the Week
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SomeVAguy gave the Swansea City v Arsenal video a rating of 1
SomeVAguy just Watched
Good win. Rooney looking great!
No, it just means that you don't know how to effectively utilize your players properly...
SomeVAguy gave the Swansea City v Liverpool video a rating of 1
SomeVAguy gave the Swansea City v Liverpool video a rating of 1
Whistle blown was correct, but since Sagna was the last defender he deserved a red.
Jenkinson lost his marker for that one goal.....He's certainly gotten better since last season but is still a bit rough around the edges
Looks like a lot of Fenerbahce fans voted in the performance poll for this game.......
Well the way I looked at it, Real Madrid were favorites to win this match, and since Man U, the underdog, got a 1-1 draw then I would consider that a great resu...
5 years ago
So let me get this straight....If Torres kicks Koscielny then that's a penalty?
F**k off.....this game was about Bayern and Chelsea, no other team. Stay on topic.....We would much rather have a CL title than quailfy for 15 consecutive time...
6 years ago
Lol? He was covering the near post and had to run across goal to even get a piece of the ball when it went in....Color me stupid, but if he saved that shot it w...
Some fans are a little over-the-top.....sorry.
He is likely to be suspended for those last 6 games anyways
Amazing goal. Not to take anything away from Cisse's goal, but if you are considering this for goal of the year then I think Van Persie's volley against Everton...
Mmmm try 2 smart guy................
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