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Real madrid played with 12 players then.. still cant beat united at home
Errr... newcastle who?? some wee team i guess.. united is not a good team actually.. but hey, one of best team in the world like real madrid cant beat a poor te...
Madrid can beat united at home?? wow, i thought madrid team is a more better than united.. haha
Poor defending from madrid player.. i thought they are world class players.. even they cant even stop welbeck from scoring..
Yet, its a good win for liverpool.. poor sunderland, they are out of idea and out of form..even they were lucky to win against city..
Because its not yet in the penalty box.. a bit far for a freekick too =)
Its good to see rafael back and he made that shot on target... wow!!! he's on fire!!
Snitch, maybe u did not watched the game.. and maybe u forgot that united was supposed to be 4-0 against city that day if the ref didnt go against united.. but ...
She was gang raped and was abused sexually.. she died in singapore while being treated medically.. it was due to internal injuries they said
I think its because liverpool are the best haters of them all.. keep hating but united keep winning.. thats why liverpool cant win.. becoz the fan are not suppo...
Yup.. just like corinthians play with freaking heart!! they did not afraid at all.. but the other way..
Hahaha.. gotcha!! by the way, stupid of suarez to get that yellow.. it was clearly not a handball.. maybe, liverpool would be better without him.. previous game...
Its simple.. just start worrying and supporting your club.. and stop hating and trolling MUFC.. its just make you all look stupid i think.. that goes for fans o...
Seeing tevez did not complaining about the foul clearly showed he did clipped rafael
Rafael clearly didnt dive.. tevez did touch him.. thats y tevez didnt say anything and he's lucky not to get 2nd yellow.. where's all the haters?? they know t...
You should learn a team.. not only by statistics.. i can only ask u one thing, how on earth celtic can beat barca by only 16 percent of possesion?? haha.. let...
Awesome goal!! it went to the top corner.. any keeper would be beaten by that effort for sure!!
Why la liga is the best? when the best team in the world barca can only hv goalless draw to benfica at home and lose to celtic ?? so how this proves your point ...
Wigan surely playing for survival.. they beat liverpool, arsenal, even chelsea need a last minute goal. and now man united.. man united may lose 3 extra point l...
6 years ago
Liverpool can win when suarez n adam are not playing.. hahaha.. i thought both of them are first team key player??
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