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K first of all today was the b-ball clinic and secondly dont even mention bec in my e-mails shes retarded
7 years ago
Hey...i'm on and ur not...u told me to get on and i'm on...btw...wy r u talkin to dat thing???LOL JK...well GET ON SOON!!!LOL c u either tomorrow or sunday...i ...
OOOOOOOOO ok ya the new Ronaldo......and ya Im atthe park doin a trick.
Like how the kid looks like...nice pic btw, are you doing a trick?
Wat do ya meen how he looks like?????
Haha yup! I wonder how he looks like...:P
Ya well me and rokinstix r NY spice so none ov ur cousins could take me
8 years ago
Hmmm yeh...LOL and how are you gonna get here? LOL I have cousins that live in Virginia I'll get em on u. Bwhahaha LOL. OH AND NICE PICTURE...not. LOL :P
Hey yo soccergal293 u'd better whatch ur language or me and my bro soldier4christ will TAKE-YOU-DOWN......'cause were ninjas. >:)
Shes trying to kill us
Ben... i finally got my 1st. rival!!! hey, ur newest rival!!! lol;)
Oh n also yes too bad 4 u barca is beta dan real madrid...r u gonna change now? LOL :P
Ummm what? This is a website, not a family reunion place where you just talk with your family and friends...y the hell wud I want to stalk u randoms? I don't li...
U fatty... 1st you copied my profile picture, and then you logged off RIGHT when i got on!!! lol well c u in bout 1hr!!!
Ooooooooooo did u like the burne
Shes stalking me to
That picture in the album......'me n my peeps'..... of tharin kissing that rooster is sooooooo retarded/funny!!! lol.
Ben, i think someones stalkin' ur cousin....... we'll have to take 'em down
Why did u have to put star wars vegetables on as one of ur!!!
Y DONT U LIKE RONALDO!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
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