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As was evident from the second half
2 months ago
You gotta feel bad for Leicester. Even after feeling bad, they are the league leaders...
Thanks for stating the obvious..
3 months ago
Really hope this is the Rooney run for which we have been waiting for like an eternity...
Not if Van Gaal's career is over before his..
Is it mandatory for him to contribute something valuable to this forum?? He is disappointed, angry and hence venting. We all are different kinds of persons, and...
4 months ago
5 months ago
You gotta love Herrera, I have a feeling that we would have wrapped the game up if he wasn't subbed off..
Those subs looked ridiculous though. We are so f***ed up with injuries, that I cant complain much..
Really wish they award it to Schweinstiger, he deserved his first goal for us a long long back
Those priceless moments are the ones worth living for -_-
Great insight into LVG's tactics. Well done!
So you mean even city fans would be watching the Classico??! Thats hillarious!!
Yes , he did shag my wife SIF. Oh wait, I am not even married!! What has he done to cause me to hate him? Yes hate is a strong word, but he has cancelled out ...
He probably played through injury before being subbed in the 81st minute. As much as I hate him, he does a pretty good job at RB..
United can only draw against Crystal Palace, United is sh*t, United sucks..
Could very well be a very good weekend for us!! Been a long time since we deserved a good international break
That was coming for a long long time!!! Lingard deserved it for a long time..
In the second half, hopefully
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