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^Are you drunk buddy??
2 weeks ago
How about he takes both??
1 month ago
Yes , we need some charisma, and Ibra would be a good fit. He would also coform to the club's global image. From a business perspective, the Ibra deal looks per...
Its by far the best highlights' website I have seen
A dilemma in everyone's mind. But yes, I would support him no matter what. Hell, we even supported Moyes through thick and thin (Lutheaven must be lurking here)...
I understand your stance here, but I was really riled to find myself banned from posting. However, misunderstandings occur, we all have experienced it, sometime...
I just saw your edited reply, and do you think anyone in their right mind would support someone making fun of a disaster, leading to losses of innocent lives?!!...
Unfortunately (For you as well as me) , its the former. First, I dont know the way he posts, and even if he does post similarly, that must be a coincidence. S...
Well, I just read your conversation with "account removed" below (which is most probably this guy,and it took a really long time to read!!) . Well, one of the p...
Wow man!! This is ridiculous! So tell me, how did you jump to the conclusion that I am whoever the guy you think I am? And why exactly have I been withheld f...
Umm, you are completely mistaken here. Let me clear the confusion. At first I thought I was banned for saying "Butthurt" to kevmo, but now I have realised. I ...
Some of his comments were really funny though :D
Truth hurts
Kevmo is obviously butthurt, which is reasonable. But why is he venting on the UTD page? Well, why should I care, he gave us a few good laughs!
The fax machine must have been repaired by now
Martial-The next best thing to grilled cheese
As was evident from the second half
4 months ago
You gotta feel bad for Leicester. Even after feeling bad, they are the league leaders...
Thanks for stating the obvious..
5 months ago
Really hope this is the Rooney run for which we have been waiting for like an eternity...
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