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Playing soccer for fun, running the 400m in track, watching professional soccer. Working hard.
Kids that brag, kids that make fun of soccer, forwards that flops a lot, bias referees, and being underestimated.
Just for Fun (Defender) Grove Untied Soccer Assocaitio
I play soccer every chance that i get. I try to gain as many experience as possible because i feel that i have the potential to be a pro. However, i know that to get there, there's a lot of work to be done.
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5 years ago
Common man be u honestly expect the ref to be able to figure out that the ball hasn't fully crossed the line by a few centimeters...look at the pic...
6 years ago
Wow...i originally thought arsenal dominated but man Milan had their chances too...good ones too.
First off all u chelsea haters....CALM DOWN and stop thrash talking about chelsea. people who keeps kicking us while we r down will get repaid 10 times worse. G...
U mean 9-men chelsea vs. 12-men QPR (referee)....what a garbage ref. love chelsea's hard work and determination though.
What a game by Seattle and a good ending.
I don't see man u evening puting up a b team that is decently good enough to face this barca b-team.
Talk about horrible defense...almost wanna make me tear my hair out as a defender. i hate when people ball watch u can't be ball watching against a team like sp...
7 years ago
Don't get me wrong, behind chelsea, i am a barca fan but just because the best team comes from La Liga doesn't make la liga the best league. The EPL has better ...
This was like barca b-team...says alot about the program as a whole.
He is so good and i respect him because he doesn't dive. he gets so many chances to dive and draw cards but he just keeps amazing.
Sounds like some teams r jealousy and at the same time scared of losing the cup on two fronts.
I think the ref just sucked this game. missed so many calls for both teams but we will take it. thanks arsenal now just sit still and let us finish the rest of ...
Man escaped a tight one...chelsea dominated their butt. 1 save from cech compared to the 7 saves from van der sar.
Great player....plays almost like a god out there. as a defender, i would really hate to have to go up against him especially when he is coming at u full speed
Men look at the fans...its as if they won the champions league already. this is why i love the game. great game by both. ac milan unlucky to move on but great f...
Barca dominated the game the score might not show it but trust me thier game could have been easily 5-0. zaragoza keeper kept barca at bay and barca play was mo...
Madrid would be really dumb if they let benzema go. he's young and i would say probably the future of madrid.
Now that is some entertaining football. love the spurs but well done wolves they just don't know when to give up. they play with passion and it is something tha...
Liverpool starting to play some good football. go ya them.
U guys got lucky today to not have slipped one to a conference team. wow.... i wonder who would have won today if it were man u vs everton. wouldn't even be a c...
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