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I think the last game really highlighted the need for team balance. Without a true defensive mid, our formation can easily go lopsided and leave openings. Like...
3 years ago
Yeah they would be starting eleven in those sides, I bet. Carrick will at least be recognized a the VERY least.
Anyone read football related news regarding Carrick? I saw that dailymail had an article on "Writer's choice for England line-ups" and I saw that half of them ...
Usain Bolt?!?! Sign him up LVG!
Anyone still re-watching the liverpool game? The first half, I never get tired of! Plus this is hilarious from gary neville!
Guys i think you guys are getting too worked up. I thought it was a joke too, and i agree that even though he has great stats, his contribution to the team play...
Weak from moyes. Really weak from him, tactically. Tactics and personnel determine 50% of how a football match plays out, and just by looking at our team sheet...
4 years ago
Well guys, i hear a lot of people saying that Sir Alex ferguson left without plugging a lot of holes in our team, specifically in midfeild. However, when i look...
Nah i mean the time we played hernandez alone up front we were toothless so it would be better to see him with another striker
Would be interesting to see. Hernandes as a lone strikee would be pushing our luck a bit, seeing as how we struggle to create any real chances qith our supply.
No worries. In discussion, those who tqke things too personally are children. Its good to have opposing opinions. I believe that our players have more in them a...
Really? I criticised the system AS A WHOLE, i really dont think a top top team like us should be using it. And i call things as i see them. I did not say kagawa...
May i add that we get a hell of a lot of possession in front of the defence, but for those games we still look for the wings as if it was our only option. Teams...
Great stats. Just try to remember the games he played though. I know youre firmly on the " its too physical, too fast" epl is the best train, but i disagree com...
Rose must have a chest of steel man. Valencia was intent on trying to get the ball through him, literally.
Honestly if we want to play this way we need a ronaldo. Someone who can cut in and shoot or play on the outside and cross. Right now we only have januzaj and he...
Yes that is really true. To be realistic, we should just focus on getting our league position up to 4th. Currently this team does not have the guile to unlock g...
Ah 2008. But that was when we had the MAESTRO, Paul Scholes who absolutely dictated all tempo, especially with old trafford. Nowadays when the space is in the f...
To be honest, with the style of play in the first half we were asking for trouble. Our wing reliance can still get us through weak teams, but with strong, organ...
C'mon vqlencia! How many chances do you need to send in one good ball? So many chances to cross, all h8tting rose or fizzing out. We depend on wing play so much...
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