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Thumbs up if you think Beckham and Donovan should be on the same team again
6 years ago
I accidentally liked this before I read the part about medicine. You can go back to first grade and be struggling
Well played. Howard is such a good goalie. US might have lost if Howard wasn't there
You're kind of stupid, aren't you. USA BEAT SPAIN BY TWO GOALS IN THE CONFEDERATIONS CUP. Seriously, have you been living under a rock?
They would have done so much better if Beckham was playing.
What the heck? I didn't even read your comment, but why would you put something so long on a video people enjoy???
Haha when Villa scores his goal Messi happens to be on the ground and he just cheers on the ground and then he gets up and dives into the little group hug. He ...
Ok, really, Messi beats Ronaldo's club record every season. In case you didn't hear that part, watch the part where Messi scores. And in this game, Messi scored...
Messi is a god
@Tanto88 I told you, you need to shut up before the whole world realizes how stupid you are
7 years ago
How old r u, because it seems like you have the mind of a one day old. Messi is so much better it's not even funny. I think you might have been a little confuse...
Manchester United rocks
Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm talking about the people who are saying the MC sucked and worse. I don't think you guys should be so cruel
Really, the US team isn't bad compared to how much they set by soccer. Argentina takes soccer as a bigger part of their life, and that's why they're so good. Th...
UMM, they were not trying to imitate Barca, but I agree with the rest
Don't talk smack about England, either. If I remember correctly, they have beat the US plenty times
Its the United States, smart one, but I agree. Argentina is way better than the US.
Go england!
I can't believe they traded Torres! Why would you do that
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