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Well my second post wasnt directed at you yaldho, i was speaking generally. im not sure we can just assume jose has been selected as the next manager of man ut...
9 hours ago
"Talks should not be interpreted as an agreement, as an offer, or even the promise of one. None of that has happened." just in case anyone missed it.
12 hours ago
Http:// well, that's awkward.
13 hours ago
Why would Madrid do all that for such a meager profit. And who would buy him in the epl anyways
It's two wins, he's counting the derby game. and overall since the turn of the year i think we lost 1, drew 1, won 5 or 6. that's not bad. not sparkling but not...
14 hours ago
Well they are 5 points off but on a winless in 4 slide. you guys are 5 points off and comfortably won your last 3. different circumstances.
15 hours ago
It will get interesting again once europe resumes. leicester city just may win the league
17 hours ago
Cant say that i'm worried about this game tbh
19 hours ago
Nah this one is real, there were rumblings over the summer, but he's only now confirming a concrete bid.
21 hours ago
Well neymar's father and agent is quoted saying it was us. he was a bit more discrete in court but later told COPE it was us. sleezeball, he's just trying to br...
It does kind of sound familiar though.
Gary will be valencia's dark knight. ba dum tss. did no one get that reference? valencia bat as part of their logo? gary taking all the bad press and public a...
The whole texiera thing is hilarious. i thought he wanted more exposure in brazil so he could join the NT? so the solution is to move even further away, to some...
I know right, 2k a week? how does he survive? no wonder he is so skinny. probably saves left-overs from team meals :( i heard pogba was offered a record sum fo...
1 day ago
Thats what we pay the reserves. he'll make that much until he gets a new deal like all the other youngsters that now feature like lingard, januzaj, periera, etc...
Imo the other two have never done anything for england in a real game. you don't just start them imo, as there's no guarantee they would perform in a crunch eur...
Are you kidding che? his club was disqualified from a competition because he was fielded! even if it wasnt his fault, any reasonable person would be embarrased ...
There's no one surprised, it was a massive gamble to offer neville the job and a massive gamble to accept it. it was a brave move by gary, as if it turns out a ...
2 days ago
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