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Lol i cant read or say abu dhabi bernabeu with a straight face.
9 minutes ago
Cuadrado will run all day too but he will run at defenders full speed. he is like sterling but more end product. a good signing. fiorentina were asking for way ...
40 minutes ago
Sky seems to think cuadrado is going to make a straight choice between us and chelsea.
14 hours ago
Lol cheshire my point is that you originally didn't make an argument!!! all you did was list their prices, what was that supposed to do other than cause argumen...
I'm sorry but you are dead wrong theatre, fellaini has been extremely effective in certain games this season -no not all the games, but there have been certain ...
16 hours ago
Feel free to blame fergie for those mistakes then. now on to relevant matters.. which players at or above di maria's quality should we have gotten then? which o...
There have been plenty fellaini vids out showing his progress this season, but i think this is the best look at how effective he has been in certain games for u...
What a signing eriksen has been, clinical in front of goal. and he could write a book on freekicks.
Im sorry but it's never easy for a child to go from playing with reserves 3 years older than him to playing with grown-ass men who are professional athletes at ...
Would be nice if we had wide men who were more natural goalscorers.
^ Lol now it's a party. nani had two good seasons about 4 years ago and suddenly this makes him a better player. anyways here is a summary of the article.. obv...
Lmao yeah the first thing that popped into my head was bush. i think it was an iraqi that did it. i didnt mention it as i wasnt quite sure if he threw the shoes...
Messi is deceptively quick and strong (trunk and leg muscles especially), which when coupled with his natural exceptional technical qualities, make it nearly im...
Lol isnt that a sign of ultimate disrespect in some cultures?
1 day ago
It's already been established we paid a premium because: 1) we are buying from madrid and they don't sell cheap (nor buy cheap for that matter) 2) we were not...
So that's about 19 million pound per season.. again, it's still comparable to our training kit deal (kind of, it's worth twice the kit.
Fans might but everything official, including commentary, commercial activities, press conferences, etc will call it the abu dhabi question: are you guys build...
^lol to be fair they will probably get both. not as if their arguing will make a difference on that front.
The fact that they are only getting 15 million for that is pretty shocking. thats what aon is paying to get their name on our training tops LOL
Lol according to reports in italy..? is his agent based in italy? i thought it was mendes (Portuguese?) any ways i have no doubts he will be staying. even if h...
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