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Lol i think most of these are made up, no one is old enough to confirm this.
41 minutes ago
Reliable squad player imo in terms of performance. he's only 29, he's got some time before he becomes a liability imo. keep him around for cup games and the eas...
2 hours ago
Http:// these 'journalists' just ...
6 hours ago
That's a whole lotta ass passin' badum tss..! ok, i'll see myself out.
Well in either case, any way you call it, fsg has been bankrolling a lot of liverpool spending. if that's not sugardaddy behavior then i dont know what is.
7 hours ago
British players will win, stop pretending anyone else has a chance. just waiting for suarez to submit his naturalization papers :P
Backing the manager and joining simply because of the manager are not the same thing. most players don't join just for the manager, anyone else claiming that is...
8 hours ago
Well if he didn't back moyes, why the hell would he join in january? that makes no sense cheshire
9 hours ago
Weak logic imo. lets avoid europa because it means more games? ok and then if we get CL the next season do we drop back down because we had too many games? i d...
13 hours ago
And buyout clauses only hold water between clubs in the same country. ask arsene about lars bender's buyout clause. heck, while you're at it, ask about suarez t...
23 hours ago
Lol still stabbin' dortmund i see
1 day ago
Saving himself? what does that even mean? these are athletes, when you do things half-assed that's when you get injured, lose form, etc. i think he's not physi...
I see your point liq but halloway wasnt even at palace for 12 months was he? he joined right at the end of last season just before the playoffs. i dont think he...
England should really be a dominating force at the u-21 level, all these guys should grow up playing together instead of riding the bench at the senior level
2 days ago
Lol i guess i'm the only one who didn't think it was all that special? yeah he's fast, that's great, but i was a bit underwhlemed when i saw the video. i was ...
Good goal but it's barely goal of the day material talkless of week. i was a bit underwhelmed based on all the WOW WHAT A GOLASO!!!11!!!11!!!11!!1!!11!!! i was ...
Yeah i'm not particularly arsed about who wins. while i'd prefer liverpool not to win for obvious reasons, at the end of the day, i'm still going to be pissed a...
Bunch of choke artists ;(
My issues is dortmund didn't raise these guys from their academy the entire time. reus was purchased. gundogan was purchased. lewandowski was purchased. we need...
Photos have emerged of Luke Shaw playing with Man Utd on Fifa 14 career mode. Curiously, he purchased himself from Southhampton while French International Patri...
3 weeks ago
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