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Haters gonna hate
1 hour ago
That's probably their biggest issues, they just bought a bunch of players they already had on loan. no new blood, then toss in europe and aging backline, and yo...
Sexual abuse is not the same as sexism lads.. if they were saying she is a crap doctor because she is a woman, that's sexism. if she is getting cat calls that's...
2 hours ago
Ahh yeah, he definitely spat on cisse, dunno what he was thinking. lengthy ban awaits him. to clarify he didn't deny spitting, he denied spitting at cisse. obv...
3 hours ago
Well obviously they cant account for daft things like a linesman missing a penalty call. there are too many things in flux at the moment (individual player for...
4 hours ago
Lol we did not get dominated by liverpool. granted, they broke well and created a fair few chances on the break, but to say they dominated makes no sense. their...
Did evans really spit? fellaini was accused of this earlier in the season at city when really it was just saliva leaving his mouth as he shouted. do you have a ...
13 hours ago
On current form it looks like we are in for another grinder on monday vs arsenal. we have home advantage, and kept the ball well vs newcastle, but we are still ...
17 hours ago
He's just 19, he shouldn't be playing week in week out like he did last season at southampton. he's still going to be developing physically until 21 or so, don'...
Tight hamstring
Lmao we still have not won an away game without carrick, nutters.
1 day ago
Rooney thought he was offsides, you could see him mouthing it to the linesman afterwards..but he was wrong, disappointing a player like him tries that instead o...
^^wow that's a refreshing outlook. be a fan? support your team? don't bitch and moan before a ball is even kicked? rare on these pages these days. :( here's hop...
Cant expect fergie at 60 or70 to go sliding down a pitch side.. he just had hip replacement surgery last year too lol. for me, it's a massive relief for mourin...
2 days ago
Edit actually nvm, i don't think he was put on status for just this. wasn't my business anyways i guess.
So we are linked to danilo, havent seen any concrete quotes but the rumor is all over the web/ wouldn't mind another right fullback to be honest, especially if ...
I don't see the love affair with mcnair, he's not ready to be playing in the premier league. that's twice now this season that he's been subbed at half time for...
Congrats to chelsea, and mourinho for ending his trophy droubt... no coincidence the domestic cup is the first trophy mourinho won at basically all his clubs, h...
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