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Thought the defense played really well yesterday. They got a bit exposed down the right-hand side with Shaw bombing on from left-back with little cover from mid...
I like Wenger, and have a lot of respect for him and Arsenal but I think I have to agree with Pukaki (probably for the first time), he does prance about a littl...
1. obviously 2. also obviously, but I would take the penalty and Gerarrd getting sent off. 3. I can see what you are saying, but Carzola kicked Skrtel's foot in...
To be fair, there were some that tried initially but his antics quickly became so indefensible that even Ferguson couldn't in the end.
Name me one striker who isn't looking to "go down in the box" or "embellish it" when they are clearly fouled. On that note, name me one penalty that has been gi...
He's South American and it was a blatant penalty, get over it.
The first was clear penalty mate, what Podolski was thinking nibbling at the back of Suarez there I don't know. Don't see Colin crying either, just responding t...
I'll give you that is one time in the past two seasons where Suarez was looking for the contact for the penalty (not giving you it was a premeditated dive thoug...
I thought that at the time too. Wouldn't put it past the egotistical pr**k as he definitely wouldn't have wanted Mourinho to come in and say win the champions l...
Honestly, Suarez had a pretty good game, but fairly average by his standards. I'm glad everyone, especially the self-righteous Gunners' fans are getting behind ...
As a Liverpool fan, I'm happy with how Rodgers is doing, and what did when he first arrived, reckon Allen is going to prove very important for us, and would lik...
I think you mean ever. Only thing against it is it was against Norwich, who had some serious mental scarring from him already
...and a tidy bit of business that turned out to be, even considering the 17 mil loss on Carroll, seeing as though we got Suarez for less than half the price
It was a real shame that Allen missed that shot because I think he played well otherwise. I also didn't mind him not passing it to Suarez because if he had and ...
I think you will find that everyone says united are favoured by the refs & FA because united are favoured by the refs & FA. Like how Van Persie and Rooney able ...
Definitely Pirlo for mine. The ball seemed to accelerate into the net.
That is a close one, what is the ruling on offside, does it go via the torso or legs?
It would never happen against united as no opposition player would dare sneeze on a united player anywhere near the penalty area let alone try to impede their r...
How was that a dive? Moxey reached out and grabbed his shoulder. Don't try to divert attention away from your teams diving. Although I don't really blame them ...
Thanks Mt, I enjoyed that. I was pretty excited when we signed Sturridge because I remembered just how good he was when he played for you guys. He has exceeded ...
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