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2 cool votes for you :)
6 years ago
Hay samrvelous hope we be friends ... nice pic :)
"I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!"
Pepe: Cold Blooded Enforcer.
During their brief summer holidays, Messi and Alves found time to shoot a test pilot for a new Baywatch remake.
Hey girl whats up? how are u?? great day to join footytube:)
Contestants were given a very short time to master choreography during the Mr. Copa America pageant.
Hope Solo is my QUEEN. What a bad ass.
Keller wanted to check if Levesque did, indeed, have "a booty like pow, pow, pow."
It really wasn't the time for Pepe to run through his entire Vinyasa yoga sequence.
7 years ago
To be honest, I'm afraid to know what other horrible things may be said on the pitch by players on any team. That doesn't excuse the presence of racist behavior...
Standing alone on a dark rooftop, Arsene Wenger curses the gods who allowed this young talent to slip through his fingers.
Not sure which forum to post this I'll post it here as well as the Real vs Barca thread. A video has been released by Spanish media website GolT that s...
A video has been released by Spanish media website GolT that shows Busquets calling Marcelo "mono," Spanish for "monkey." Some people have tried to dispute that...
I saw a video in slow motion that showed they actually did not touch, but I am willing to watch other footage from another angle to see if it was otherwise. I...
A question. I saw somewhere else on the internet, but without a source: Wolfgang Stark "Pepe tiene tantos antecedentes con entradas tan fuertes de ese tipo que...
Messi's goals were very good. I can't fault him for that. Besides that, it appeared (to me) to be a dirty game on BOTH sides. RM did some things that made me cr...
Yesterday's game was pretty depressing, I agree, but I'm looking forward to next season already. This still felt like a rebuilding year and to be honest, we got...
I never denied having divers on our team. Everyone has divers on their team, its a fact of the game today, so there's no need to get huffy with me. I was just p...
Booze: the real culprit behind Copa del Drunk 2011.
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