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Damn that mustve been an entertaining game to watch
6 years ago
Ronaldo wasnt playing in that right?? hmmm, i wonder if he is holdin the team back with his selfishness. Although he is amazing haha
Damnn, i wish i had watched this game instead of the liverpool stock game
The spanish national team is too stacked. I feel bad for other teams. atleast 15 world class players. The bench is stronger than most other teams...
Amazing game no doubt, great performance in midfield and ofcourse messi's magic. however, barca r dependin on messi for goal scoring and assisting too much, GOD...
I don't get why mourihno doesnt put higuain more often, he'll get fully fit faster
Wooow, brazil is so bad at finishing
WOOOWW, it was an amazing game. Villareal game up too early tho, i wouldve liked to see them push harder. Loved the new formation, I had been using it while pl...
I like the complete highlights, more of these please
I dont know how all of sudden villa went on a goal drought in the last 3rd of the season...hope he is consistent this season. greatt video, song cudve been bett...
Both those goals were because of number 7's slickk passing skills
I've been saying it, wenger's gotta go
How do u justify liverpool's second finish?
Im not really convinced by chelsea yet, i wanna see them face a big club...n torres is still playin with his balls
I like to see under dogs winning. Its good for overall football. Africans are becoming better and better. In a few years, there will be a couple of clubs that w...
Lool stron attack, average midfield, crap defense, average goal keeper, u can't win many trophies like that
Ozil helped him out a lot this season as u can see in this vid. madrid needs more players like ozil, instead of new strikers.
Good game
Argentina has a good offence, but to win titles u need good defense as well, which is something they are missing
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