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Thought England won the Germans though : )
Thats bullshit. England would not open up as they did if they were not behing. I do think Germany were better team on the field, but to add a goal after the ma...
And desired : )
Premoli made a very good argument against video ref though, I do love the game not to be interupted even if I dont agree ref mistakes add to the game. Would lo...
Totally disagree also. What exactly is fun about a wrong decision? Even victory is not as sweet if it is obvious its been helped by an unjustice. To take this ...
Wow i didnt think i could like anything about vuvuzelas (save banning them), but you did it. Great video!
Wow i didnt think i could like anything about vuvuzelas (save banning them), but you did it. Great video!
What do you mean miss? It was a great save from Handanovič, if he would not tuch it I belive it would score.
Congratulations on being the 1st in group C. As bitter as it is for me to see Slovenia out of WC in the last minutes I wish you good luck in the next matches.
You make it sound like Slovenia was a push over for US and England. However, the three were all very close matches. With a bit of luck Slovenia could draw wit...
Well, england will have to show a lot more than they did up till now, if they want to go all the way. But good luck!
England did deserve the win. @oldglory... what kind of world do you live in? Cold war is over for some time now... @cookie... Piece of s**t slovenian team? Sh...
Wow what a foul language, Slovenia really had you worried it seems? Well in any event, good luck England, today you won fair and square.
I cant agree with that. The second was a yellow card right on. I am fed up with the reasoning that if a star commits an obvious card-worthy foul its 50/50. I ...
Well done Slovenia and US! This was one of the best matches in the WC. For those who claimed Slovenians played dirty, well it was a rough game. It started with...
Good game today, but WOW. That last goal should be in. It should be 3-2... T_T
Serbia showed a much better game than against Ghana. Very solid defense. Good luck Serbia!
Hey, that's fine. :) Anyway, good luck!
Thanks TzOn3. The best of luck on friday to your team also! PS: I have no idea how to add friends
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