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IF Chelsea were a chick as well rounded as this team, I'd probably do her.
6 years ago
Spearing is not a high dollar pampered pretty boy. Why put him out there, right? I mean, all he has is desire and drive, nothing but energy but for heavens sa...
You're class mate.
Look at the respective statures of each player. I know 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' could be said but going over easy is the likely course for s...
Yea, Fox cut off my stream in the 73rd minute. I was a little grateful.
And Bale's wimpy fall got Skyrtel a second yellow. Shut it.
Wasnt his fault really. The bobbled ball maybe but there was poor defending leading up to it.
Based on today's performance only, yea. They dont seem inconsistent based on this season so far. They seem more hot/cold than the Reds.
Suarez probably missed his buddy Kuyt too. Carroll and Suarez seem on different planets.
Haha. nobody scored uglier goals in that one than Arsenal
Teams make their own luck, or if they're not creative enough or are sleeping or sloppy i think its fair to call it rubbish. IMO
Great committment from everton. Too bad about rodellega tho
He is under-performing so much, he probably need the blue pill for the bedroom
I am seeing qpr for the first time. i am liking the way they play. SWphillips is all heart and speed. 1 year of benchwarming is being run off by him tonight.
He forgot to mention that he had the 'B' squad and they were unmotivated.
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