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4 years ago
If you going to quote him on his move to United posT the whole letter smh here it is in Spanish and English if you hate after this letter then u can KICK ROCKS ...
Zola has resigned from Watford hmm very fishy
Me hahahaha USA is for lunch
Nah man i wont i have the right to speak my mind just like u dont like it keep scrolling its really that simple so dont tell me to Chill the f**k out...move the...
Couple days ago yall were jumping through hoops because we beat West F**king 3-0 playing like S*IT smh yall dont want to admit that were crap because beloved Jo...
At home vs West Brom and we play counter attack? will at the players we have? im actually lost for words after that abysmal know there are rea...
To everyone in the US east coast what channel is showing the game today anyone knows? I can't find it on my guide on all my soccer channels
Overreacting much lol its only pre season calm your nerves geesh
Nothing new but its here now
5 years ago
Please tell me how late i am but have u guys noticed Fifa13 already put Falcao and Moutinho and James Rodriguez on AS Monaco?
Go away who asked you
Hes okay he was taken off for precautionary reason but hes fine
Pretty impressive stats idk how accurate but its something look at
Whoever wins between Ajax and Steaua
Yes he does when hes in there we get the best out of Ramires too with his runs
Mikel Stats tonight 2 chances created, 3 aerial duels won, 2 tackles, 5 interceptions, 1 clearance, 12 long passes completed...Not bad beast mode
Lineup Cech; Azpi, Cahill, JT (c), Bert; Obi, Rami; Moses, Mata, Osc; Torres. Subs: Turn, Ferr, Cole, Luiz, Mar, Haz, Ben #CFC
Hope this helps
One of the biggest mistakes Di Matteo made smh Essien just wanted to play but was never given a fair chance and now look at him
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