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Congrats to madrid!puyol made a mistake and he pay it dearly for that.what miss from tello,what a miss!ronaldo pace is supernatural,jbut i ust dont like how he ...
6 years ago
Like in stockmarket,when someone got loss,someone also gain profit,here is chelsea who gain:p.dont worry barca,arsenal will pound them first tomorrow:)wooohoo
Great play by bayern,at first i personally vote for madrid,but looking at how bayern play,they deserved the win.and what a poor discipline from madrid,6 yellow ...
FALCAO!oh geez what a beast.good header and awesome left foot strike!love to see him on the final!
Great comeback and goals from sporting!what a header too!
I wish andy carroll can payback liverpool fans like tevez did:)
Agree mate.tevez just cameback!
Messi and ronaldo collecting goals just like collecting stamps dont they?41 and keep growingg
Oh shipper what an disgrace to arsenal fans!
Basedd,messi never dive my friend,not like inzaghi tough:P well the most divers that trending nowdays was ashley young,check it out!
2nd dive in a row by young,what a disgrace for such a young talent.he just made SAF shame and mad i guess,SAF was a gentlemen,he doesn't deserved to be in his s...
Lol the 35million pounds do its second wonder in a row,after blackburn,here's caroll came up again.well cant wait whether carroll can do its wonder against chel...
Miss drogba strike like that,been a while to see it.well i dont know why the ref allowed the 2nd goal,the ref should stop it when too much carnage in front of t...
Just watched the highlight,what a thriller match,both team were superior!this is the german style of madrid v FCB.couldnt believe robben could failed to convert...
Ahh fortunately for us,city doesn't play silva against us last week.his cool chip remind me about the chip master;MESSI:) cant wait to see city against Man utd,...
Just love this comment come up from Man Utd fans.sportsmanship!
Wohooo 5 points clear off spurs and the best things Man Utd down :) trolololol
This time ronaldo took all the goals without benzema and higuain on the score list,amazing player!im so happy to saw pepe couldt score,ehehe.
Finally the 35million pounds useful!lol goodluck on the FA cup against everton.
Well AC milan who barely through the UCL quarters,remember arsenal?when you're so close to defeat but lucky only got 3 goals conceded at the emirates?dont forge...
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