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Ngl kompany mistake still haunts me ! Dawm can't get over it #imstillhurting
3 months ago
I love my team but if I had to pick a team other then us to win . It would probably be Liverpool , they have been incredible all season . But we deserve that po...
C'mon now footy ! Be reasonable , they have been playing some good football and have showed they are serious contenders. Jose Mourinho is the least person I wou...
Dawm I hate to say it ! Our beloved captain single handily cost us the point!! Dawm it!!!
There are a really good counter attacking team , in three passes there already in the box . We showing them to much respect .
There tearing us apart smh!
Something tells me the moment yaya goes down , will have a major affect on the title race .
We never get any freaking breaks do we! We got kun back but lose yaya!! f**k!!!
Dawm it!! You Guys can't stop winning lol well hope it's a good game between us
Demihorrible needs to go !!! I don't like him . He could single handily cost us trophies . I hope we won't be regretting buying a defender in the January trans...
5 months ago
Lol Look at my avatar, this guy is up there with Iniesta and xavi
Silva =one of the best midfielders in the world
Congrats on the win! The better team won tonight . See you at the nou camp
Proud of my team !! Unfair scoresheet
Best performance Garcia has ever played in a city , looked world class!!
So David beckham chooses to make a football club in my city , miami . I'm still going to support New York City FC lol
Gutted!!! Losing against Chelsea I can take it but losing against Mourinho I can't !! I hate that guy . But once I seen fernandinho out of that line up . I said...
I like barca but I love city !! Two of my favorite teams but I bleed sky blue . C'mon you blues
7 months ago
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