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Ngl kompany mistake still haunts me ! Dawm can't get over it #imstillhurting
1 week ago
I love my team but if I had to pick a team other then us to win . It would probably be Liverpool , they have been incredible all season . But we deserve that po...
C'mon now footy ! Be reasonable , they have been playing some good football and have showed they are serious contenders. Jose Mourinho is the least person I wou...
Dawm I hate to say it ! Our beloved captain single handily cost us the point!! Dawm it!!!
There are a really good counter attacking team , in three passes there already in the box . We showing them to much respect .
There tearing us apart smh!
Something tells me the moment yaya goes down , will have a major affect on the title race .
We never get any freaking breaks do we! We got kun back but lose yaya!! f**k!!!
Dawm it!! You Guys can't stop winning lol well hope it's a good game between us
2 weeks ago
Demihorrible needs to go !!! I don't like him . He could single handily cost us trophies . I hope we won't be regretting buying a defender in the January trans...
2 months ago
Lol Look at my avatar, this guy is up there with Iniesta and xavi
Silva =one of the best midfielders in the world
Congrats on the win! The better team won tonight . See you at the nou camp
Proud of my team !! Unfair scoresheet
Best performance Garcia has ever played in a city , looked world class!!
So David beckham chooses to make a football club in my city , miami . I'm still going to support New York City FC lol
Gutted!!! Losing against Chelsea I can take it but losing against Mourinho I can't !! I hate that guy . But once I seen fernandinho out of that line up . I said...
I like barca but I love city !! Two of my favorite teams but I bleed sky blue . C'mon you blues
4 months ago
We just shoot ourselves in the foot! We are our own worst enemy .to have the best players in the league and be in our position in the league it's just not accep...
He needs a little time to think about things . Harty is a wonder keeper but maybe a little time on the bench won't hurt him .
6 months ago
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