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4 years ago
Dang... its a great goal. all the way from his to the other side
7 years ago
Lets go stokes
Just curious,,, whats torres doing now? havn heard of him
Nice work. keep it up, im happy to see wolves in the next season again
I don get why sandro got in trouble for scoring
O well then who is the real great player in ur opinion? one who can do some tricks?
Why iguain's goal not count? is that cuz ronaldo dived -> barca D dived thing? just curious
Not a big deal.. everyone makes mistake. especially math.
Its sad to see those goal... but at least it brough liverpool up to 5th place.
Great !! everythings good now except 30 sec long commercials
Wonder why joe coles not starting since oneday. ive seen him at the beginning, but no more since this match.
Isn this suppose be boltons'? i don see any bolton fan
LIVERPOOL all the wayyyyyyyyy but hm,,,, ad btw highlight..? really?
Comon. get me a full highlight!!! im so sad that i missed this match!!!!!
I agree. it sucks lol. but thats the only football game i can run with my pc. i do complain alot but still playing it cuz i cant play fifa.
I don get why spearing sucks in PES.... hes that good.
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