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Clyne was at fault for the winner, but he just had an injury so of course he can't be 100%. Klavan was dreadful and got dominated by Llorente. Henderson as a DM...
13 hours ago
I can't understand why Can keeps starting. He is the worst player in our squad atm. He turns and passes slower than Mertesacker.
Can is not Liverpool quality. Dreadful player, can't turn for crap and the only good thing he does is a driving run, but can't find a pass at the end of it. He ...
It isn't, I've watched most of the games this season and our atmosphere has been almost dead whether its early or late game kick off. We sing at the start and e...
14 hours ago
The hell has happened with our atmosphere, it's been absolutely dreadful this game and probably most of the season bar when we score. The crowd's tension is cle...
Saw nothing wrong with this? He shook his hand at the end to show his gratitude. Not like he should be forced to accept gifts?
2 days ago
The moment I put Diego Costa into my FPL, he has a back injury and rumors of China. The moment I put Hazard and Courtois in my team and Chelsea drop points agai...
3 days ago
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