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Diving, Going to ground when barely touched even though the player can keep going but instead falls, the opportunity from staying up usually outweighs the set-piece, it is dumb and i hate players who do that except Stevie G(who does it a lot even though he is good doesn't make any sense i know)
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Did a Chelsea fan and Manchester United fan just burn a Tottenham fan for Arsenal FC? EDIT: Awesome
7 years ago
Thanks for the add :)
8 years ago
Squeaky bum time
Wow lets go Fulham!!!!
How was that not a penalty, the defender grabbed his jersey then went limp and dragged him down?!??!?!?!
That makes no sense, just cause it is a 50-50 ball doesn't mean you get booked
Essentially they are arsenal of last year
Thoughts on the game -Winning these types of matches is what champions do (Look at United the past years, these are the games they won and what seperated them f...
Harsh tackle? it was 50-50, Campbell won the ball and the player followed through into Campbell
Can I nominate Samba's clearance as goal of the week?
Just hailing a fellow arsenal fan...
And this whole thread started with donovans performance and escalated to chelsea fanboys defending Cashley cole, hilarious
When Arsenal start to walk, Chelsea will be using walkers. When Arsenal start to run, Chelsea will be in a wheelchairs. Chelsea is very old this year and next y...
Ashley Cole has not won anything at Chelsea that he didn't win at Arsenal unless you count the Carling Cup The entire list of what Ashley Cole has won at Chels...
All your base belong to us...i know what you are trying to say but proofread your comments please, that basically sounded like gibberish the first read through
I will give you that manchester united are current holders of the trophy but that by no means justifies his statement of "this" title because that dictates curr...
Ps he broke ashley cole's ankle in the process, Awesome, Cole's a c#nt Do not mistake this for wishing injuries upon players. I do not wish injury upon anyone ...
I was thinking the same thing, the game's commentator pointed out that donovan had a good corner, but after that all they talked about was saha. saha did play w...
From what i can see Chelsea is still first?
Haha i actually laughed after reading this thread
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