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Ajax Vs. AZ
4 years ago
I know this isn't the #1 defensive line for the US, but holy hell, they were terrible. Ghanaian, Portuguese, German strikers licking their lips seeing that defe...
Tourette's syndrome doesn't make you angry - it means you have certain tics, and Howard is at the point where he can control them in public. No, Howard is al...
When the US midfield and attack can get forward and do their thing, they can play world-class football. But note that Honduras' best chance came when one US ...
People saying it doesn't count because Germany was playing the U-21s, or the B team, or the C team (because it totally makes sense for Low to play his third-str...
The US's problems the past decade have stemmed from the back and this game displayed the same problems - the defense is outclassed, but more than that, they don...
Next season, Chelsea get eliminated early from both UCL and Europa, wins the FIFA Club World Cup with the fitness trainer as interim coach.
5 years ago
Dammit, I watched that England-France snoozer and missed this!?!?
Not sure where footytube gets it videos, but the US Soccer channel on Youtube has all the highlights in HD.
Michael Bradley's seen quite a bit of improvement. I don't think I've ever seen a better goal for the US - both the buildup and the strike. It is just a fri...
I'm not even sure Cisse expected that. Off-topic - maybe I just never noticed it until recently, but Torres has kind of a weird gait when he's running on the...
Torres scores the winner to move Chelsea past Barca. Didn't expect that.
Arsenal's defenders really let their team down - although Szcescny could've done better on the second one.
6 years ago
They do have cameras in the net. Or at least, on the ground right behind the net. They have camera angles from inside the goal is what I'm saying. I've seen ca...
Wow, Mata's goal wasn't even close, was it. Like, I'm not sure any part of the ball even touched the line. Kinda looked like Terry effectively blocked any chanc...
What was Cahill doing waving his arms and mouthing like a lunatic on Dempsey's goal? Almost looks like he might've deflected the shot with his arm. Had he jumpe...
Can't say Marseille didn't play well. Poor effort from the keeper, but Marseille just didn't put away the chances.
Liverpool is really a different team with Gerrard back in form.
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