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Yup, everything is based on the rankings before the start of the weekend to keep things simple. Which will inevitably create some "easier" points to be won but...
2 hours ago
LAST CHANCE before Saturday matches start! Take a few seconds to make your predictions by either replying to this post or posting on the new game thread. http...
6 hours ago
Compare that to what has as fair market value: 1. ManCity - £414m (120%) 2. Chelsea - £399m (117%) 3. ManUtd - £386m (96%) 4. Arsenal - ...
17 hours ago
Either's fine. The second post on the forum has been updated with all your picks! :D
18 hours ago
So for example, if you pick Arsenal and they win, you get: 20 - 16 + 5 = 9 points. If you picked Leicester and they won, you get: 20 - 5 + 16 = 31 points. If ...
Hi everyone, I'm gonna try and run a mini prediction game on the forum! I'm hoping there's enough interest to keep it going throughout, so take a few seconds t...
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Schedule & Picks ~~Round 1, Week 1 (points won if correct) Burnley(26) v ManUtd(14) ManCity(8) v Stoke(32) Newcastle(19) v CPalace(21) QPR(29) v Sunderland(11)...
Hi everyone, I'm starting off a very simple game for anyone that wants to play. Here's how to play! The Goal: Predict correctly to earn as many points as poss...
I was on a tennis forum for many years - something like 6-7 years - and then their website closed down earlier this year. Been registered for over 5 years here...
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It was so weird not seeing ManUtd in the draw. I think Group C is the hardest to predict but Group E is the group of death. Group C has 4 great teams. Group ...
1 day ago
I think it sometimes seems weird because like the team should've had more groups available, but maybe if that team is drawn into that other group, the repercuss...
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