Sissoko man city juu !
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Where are the techs, let's go and come with an IT way to solve this ! goal line tech? they don't like that, think of something else. I don't blame the ref, I bl...
4 years ago
The public is in love with this kid :) and I think it is something he earned, not given.
" A rollin' stone gathers no moss " .... By sacking every manager every year, Roman is just making it tougher for himself and the fans. Get the manners right ...
6 years ago
What was the final score, again?
That was a classic ball from yahya ... good job city.
It wasn't even a penalt, in the first place. Great goal by the underdogs. But Ghana vs I.coast would have made great final; and who are we to choose?
The second penalt was a total joke ..... there is something going on in the minds of those refrees when they're officiating a man united game. But you can never...
Absolutely delighted for Keita. I could feel what he was reading from his lips ......... great, good luck keita, love you bro !
Nice game. Thanks for sharing !
I like the way pulis reacts to final whistle in games he wins at home ... starts running around infront of his crowd.
Instead of playing henderson, according to the lineup was written as a winger, why not play Bellamy as right side winger? ... I strongly believe Bellamy's stron...
Great goal by Songa ...
Read this comment and take it as you like, but it is an overall observations. Hypocrite ferguson never admits the favours from the officials. They went 2-0 up w...
Remember us in your comments, Algerians, the blood of the kid.
What takes him above Maradona and Pele is the fact he was able to shine in the modern football. I mean the football of the time of Maradona and Pele is tottaly ...
@ canibalSuarez, bro, the current football trend is different from the football of those days you're talking about. Unless the man has been in the game since th...
It is about time that kenny realizes selling meireles and keeping Horribelson (Henderson) and Adam is just the worst decsion to make. Just because they're engli...
Torres doesn't have the right environment around him. We can see this guy still got his talents but LOOKING AT THE MISS, you can feel how this guy has lost conf...
Lol ... i just like the gesture of Barton to the Wolves fans when they taunted him at the end of the game. This guy is just like a kid ...hahaha
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