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Hello, my name is Chris, I'm from the US and I started supporting Chelsea because no one else where I live did, and blue is my favorite color. I started watching football 5 years ago but didn't really support anyone until after the 2006 world cup (it's rare to see it on tv here in the states, so it took a while for me to be exposed to it). I know that sounds silly, but the team immediately grew on me, maybe for the fact that everyone hated them and they still were good. Plus my favorite players are Essien and Lampard.

Though I've never played football myself outside of pickup games where I was inevitably stuck in goal because I couldn't do much else, my dad played soccer throughout his childhood, especially when he lived in Spain as a kid. I guess it's because of that that I also like the Spanish national team. My main passion, however, is sailing. I've been racing for a while now and even went to youth nationals twice (20 kids in the nation qualify). Now I'm at a University and am still sailing competitively.
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Not fair game? it's never fair when you loose is it. i mean, you've got to be kidding me. sure, terry may have gotten away with a penalty. but evans should'v...
8 years ago
Hey bud thanks for accepting my invite. Go Chelsea!
Bad game, wigan got lucky with the red-penalty, and then scored the 3rd goal vs 9 men. a win is a win, but they were very lucky
See my post on the previous page. it is gerrard. followed very closely by berbatov (well cause even he knows hes s**t, look at that confidence)
Diarra reminds me of a less awesome version of claude makalele (the reason he never made it on chelsea) who is, in my opinion, the most underrated player of the...
Goal line technology is the first step. rfid (radio frequency identification) tags can be put in balls and make it INCREDIBLY easy to tell if a ball crossed th...
Cheated by technology? how would they be cheated if they never earned the goal in the first place?
And wherein pique admitted after the game he had no clue how it wasnt called a handball and that he felt guilty for his actions
Chelsea can beat them, mainly because their style of play is the perfect counter to barca's: lock it up and counterattack. messi, your match winner, was man m...
Saint Ickle Stevie MoTM! Gerrard is the most overrated player in the world, mainly because he is idolized by most pool supporters as one of the best to ever wea...
Remember the own goal vs chelsea? haha me and my friends nicknamed him fail after that one
In my opinion, he is still best full back in the world. he man marked ronaldo every time they faced each other and in all those games, ronaldo only scored one ...
So they ban Chelsea, but what about Real Madrid with just about every player they signed this year, Ronaldo being the most obvious? What about Man City with Le...
Looks like he can definitely finish, why isn't he on a top team yet?
Well taking into account that its a season away, and assuming a 4-4-2: GK- Ben Foster RB- Glen Johnson CB- John Terry CB- Rio Ferdinand LB- Ashley Cole ...
Hello, my name is Chris, I'm from the US and I started supporting Chelsea because no one else where I live did, and blue is my favorite color. I started watchi...
Haha, well at least read why I said so. I truly believe they are the best attacking team, and I don't think that would change even if I wasn't supporting them.
In my opinion, based on the season so far and the players available, my ranking would be as follows: 1. Chelsea: With Drogba and Anelka, you have arguably t...
Same here, actually. It's rare to see games on tv here in the States, so footytube is awesome.
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