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Webb doesnt follow the rules per se. He is in it for the beautiful game. That may well be seen as bad refereeing by some, but I stand by him.
You are delusional.
I think tevez's departure and RVP's are quite different. If tevez's case were the same as RVP's I don't think United fans would have done what Arsenal fans did ...
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Still wrong, read again.
+1 and his british accent looks like its taking a toll on his throat too LOL
This game was rubbish really. So many brainless passings, I saw a replay of the game, and I couldnt believe this was a game of Premiere League level. O well, su...
2 cool votes for you mate:d cya around the site and good luck
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You kidding me? Park Ji-Sung wasnt bought to spike shirt sales too. How disrespectful of you to say that, really!
I really think it is okay to have more than one club as your fave since there are so many leagues and they dont meet each other except for UCL and it is not tha...
6 years ago
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King of the flop?
Roberto Martinez is a good manager. I vouch for him for you guys, even though I'm a rival fan :)
I dont think Keane was as silly as Barton though. Keane was just manly xD. And I couldnt recall whether Keane ever did dirty cowardly stuff. He wrecked people s...
That guy up there, the fan of Bayern München? Looks so butthurt. Barca is the best team of the world which is now on the decline, but looking at the last coupl...
Hmmm not too sure, you only have one match and no aggregate, so there will definitely be not so many busses parked...unless Chelsea really really turn gay and t...
Wow Young's 2nd goal was a world class one.
Roberto Mancini was a striker AFAIK, Citehzen
Roaring Venomous Punisher
Messie does get injured albeit rarely cause he has superb body balance and he knows how to avoid nasty contact and roll when fouled so that he won't get injured...
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