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I want the Intercontinental back. This tournament sucks.
7 years ago
Qatar for WC 2022. This is so sad...
Romero was secure in every ball that attempted to touch the net. Good for him. But Heinze, why Heinze? we must try to play with another left defender, he's goi...
We played horrible, but I least I could see messi's goal. 34-33 for us now. Pareja, Romero and Messi were the best for me. And what a classy player is now Bane...
Good for Japan. It is just a friendly, no more things to say.
It's good to know that a player who began playing in my team is doing a good job abroad, specially if it's in Europe =]. Do you speak spanish?
I'm not saying that que hasn't got talent, nor he must not be ambitious. I'm just saying that he must play for the team instead of trying to make his way to the...
Hey.. We (Dinamo) beat Villareal de España 2-0 in Zagreb in the Europa Liga competition and Cufré was amazing!. Thanks to Gimnasia La Plata to making him a go...
Does Cristiano Ronaldo know the word "teamwork"??? I don't understand the people who say he's the best footballer of the world.
Obvio maestro, cómo me va a molestar...
Si el tomba esta re fuerte .es un equipo que demuestra que el futbol todavia se puede jugar y ganar con huevos ..gracias por tu commento te voy aggregar como am...
Che grande el Tomba! Ojalá clasifiquen a la copa. Es sano para nuestro fútbol que haya equipos que jueguen como el tuyo
Aimar, return to the national team. Better said: Batista call him up please
Of course, I hope I'm wrong!
Cufré also played the WC 2006. Now I can say that we have supporters even in Croatia... We are the oldest team in the continent. But we are also the club with...
Sabes k flaco, no se puede deshacer pero si conviertes a españa como "fan" ya no va ser "rival"
That's not enough. It's true, he did what he was asked to, in that tournament (and he was having by far the best squad). But I think that you need experience an...
Groso. Che una pregunta sabes cómo quitar a un equipo de la lista de "rivales"? puse a España sin querer, y no sé como sacarlo! gracias!
I don't know if this result is good for us. I mean, Batista now will have AFA's support... and he is NOT a coach for Messi & company. He did a DISASTROUS job in...
Hey! is Cufré playing for Dinamo? he began his career in my team and used to be a great defender...
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